Monday, January 25, 2016

A bit of "it's hard to believe"......

On Saturday we celebrated Anna's second birthday (she really turns two on the 30th).  It was the usual house full of kids type of birthday party!  We took a moment before the party to take this picture.  Anna was having none of it!  This was the only picture without her screaming!  So, it will have to do.  You might notice the penguins...that was the theme of the party.
It just doesn't seem possible that this little one is actually two years old.  It is really hard to believe how fast these two years have passed.  

I had a couple of interesting experiences over this past weekend.  Looking back on them, it is a little hard to believe, but I can assure you, this blog is about truth telling!  So, here goes..........

On Sunday morning, Ken and I were having breakfast at a local cafe.  We go to this particular place almost every weekend.  There is a really nice manager that we have befriended and a sweet waitress who always gives us service above and beyond what is expected.  As we were finishing our meal, I glanced up and just behind Ken's chair, I saw a waitress holding a tray filled with drinks, collapse backwards, hitting her head on the floor.  The people nearest to her, rushed over to her and it was clear that she was having a seizure.  Someone called 911 and it was a LONG wait for the fire engines and ambulance.  I spent the time urgently praying for the waitress.  By the time the paramedics arrived, the girl was alert and talking.  It was quite a relief to see that ambulance pull up to the door.  We could hardly believe that we had witnessed this emergency during breakfast.  

Now I spent some time kind of beating myself up because I did not rush over and pray for that girl.  I was certainly praying, but there was this question in my mind that I did not do enough.  

Then on Sunday night I attended a meeting and the speaker was a missionary to China.  I have heard him speak before, but last night I felt like he was speaking directly to me!  I can't tell you what anyone else heard, but I got the message very clearly......  you know what you are supposed to be doing....what your destiny is.  So why aren't you doing it?  It's time to take the plunge and go to the next level.  Don't say that you can't do it (whatever it is).  You have to take the first step.  

There was more, but that is the part that, well, stopped me in my tracks.  As a matter of fact, I had been hearing a very similar message myself.  After I got home, I happened to hear this message Lance Wallnau - "The Midnight Watch".   It is a hope filled message that says that Jesus will be sending us each a gift in the form of a person that will be strategic for us to fulfill our destiny.  
It's worth listening to the entire message from Lance.  This gift might be financial, it might be a connection, or it might be wisdom that will help us move forward towards our destiny. 

Pretty interesting, right?  So I'll be waiting expectantly for the person that Jesus is sending to me.  In the mean time I will worry less about what I did or did not do!  Yes, it was a weekend of hard to believe things.  It certainly left me with plenty to think about!  

Jesus, thank you for grandchildren that help us see joy and wonder in the little things.  Bless all the firefighters and paramedics who respond to distress calls.  Give us all wisdom when we are faced with emergency situations.  Holy Spirit, help us to take that first step towards our destiny.  And reveal that special person who will help us towards our goal!  Amen

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