Thursday, October 30, 2014

Being a "Star Student" and creating masterpieces...

This was a very important week for Ellie at school.  She was the "Star Student" which gave her all kinds of important special activities this week.  She has had "George" (pictured above) home with her and he came with a journal and special books to read.  Today George returned to school.  Ellie has gotten to bring a special poster with pictures of her, create special art work, bring her favorite books to read, a special "Show and Tell" item, and bring pictures of her family.  Yes, this has been a very special week for Ellie.  Even though Lia was home sick from school yesterday and today, Ellie has very willingly gotten on that bus and gone to school.  She is one happy Kindergartner.  So I had Lia today in addition to Zeke and Anna.  She was feeling so much better today but was still not okay to return to school (24 hours on antibiotics), so she mostly played with Zeke!  They asked to paint and I happily agreed.
I love how much concentration Zeke is showing in this picture.  Note his tongue!  It was a very quiet hour with Anna sleeping.  And there were several masterpieces when the painting was over.  

I was thinking about Ellie's Star Student title.  It is always so good to be recognized.  To stand out from the crowd and have others get a better idea of who you are.   I love that we are ALL "Star Students" to Jesus.  He wants to know exactly what is important to us.  He likes to hear all about what is happening in our world.  And he wants to know about the things that we love.  Yes, it gives me a really good feeling to know that I am a special "student" to Jesus. Really, isn't that what "Disciple" means?   The Webster definition is "a follower or student of a teacher, leader, or philosopher".  So this does fit.  More than that, I know that Jesus is just waiting to see all of those special masterpieces that we create.  He has empowered us and gifted us with "Divine Intelligence". And I know that there are many new and amazing things that will be coming forth from the body of Christ.  New inventions, new ideas, new plans, new ways of doing things........ I truly believe that we will be seeing these things in the days ahead.  I love knowing that it doesn't matter who you are, you are important enough to be a "star student" to Jesus.  Now I confess that as of right now, I don't have a "masterpiece" or a new idea to share.  But the most important thing is that I am expecting that it will be my turn!  
Sometimes you just have to believe and have faith. So I will continue to look forward to hearing about all the new things that are happening with the body of Christ.  And I will also be looking forward to my turn.  

Jesus thank you for your great plan for us to learn and grow as we follow you.  Thank you for the gift of our creative ideas and talents to bring forth masterpieces and inventions that can transform our world.   Holy Spirit, I love that you do not leave anyone out, that we all have been given the mind of Christ.  Keep us all expectant and open to thinking outside of all we know.  Thank you for children who create without thinking!  Help us all to be like little children.  Amen

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Reaching for the sky!

This morning I was rushing around getting everything ready to get the kids to the bus stop on time and I glanced over and saw this!  Anna had PULLED UP TO HER FEET and was reaching over the top of her toy for the drum stool!  Yes, she was reaching for the sky!  This was the first time I had ever seen her pull to her feet.  She is not even 9 months old yet....what is this????   And she amazed me through out the day by pulling up to her feet on anything that she could find.  She even is starting to move her feet and act like she might start cruising soon. Sigh!  She is growing up so fast! Of course when I saw her stretching and reaching up towards the sky, I was thinking of my yesterday's blog. 

As expected, whenever I write about something a bit "unusual", I get comments.  I guess angels are one of those subjects.  To me, angels are just a Biblical truth.  As a matter of fact, lots and lots of angels are a biblical truth.  Everyone seems to accept the sky full of angels announcing the birth of Jesus to the shepherds out in the fields.  I was thinking about Jesus' comment in Matthew 26:53..."Do you think I cannot call on my Father, and he will at once put at my disposal more than twelve legions of angels?"  And since most sources say that a legion is at least 5,000, that is a lot of angels!  I'm not going to go any further with this topic, except to say....ANGELS ARE BIBLICAL!   

The message that I have been focusing on, is to be more Spiritually aware.  To focus on Jesus and things of the Kingdom and to be expecting to have revelation of what is happening around me. There have been so many recent messages on Facebook and on several sights that send out daily emails, that have touched me deeply. Especially this.....

I hear His whisper..."I will do the impossible for you."
"The love I have for you is endless. It endures beyond the days of your life and finds it completion in eternity. My love has stepped out of heaven and stepped into your life. I will intensify your experience of My love as you seek for more of Me. Is there something in front of you that looks impossible?
Are the hearts of others unyielding to Me? Is your family surrounded by difficulty and stress? I will do the impossible for you, for My love will win the day!
"What seems to be hard, I will make it easy for you. When it looks like everything has blocked your way and there is no one near you to help, I will make it easy for you. When it appears to you that you are always letting go and walking into more difficulty, I promise you, I will make it easy for you!

"Grace will always empower you to sacrifice your personal wishes as you worship in My presence. Strength replaces weakness, grace floods into your impossibility, and I will make it easy for you. 

"The burden you carry must be laid down as you take up my easy yoke and learn of Me. I will enrich your soul, enflame your heart, and give you a greater joy. Come into My sacred chamber, where every sacrifice becomes sweeter than honey, and every loss becomes gaining more of Me.

"I will do the impossible for you, for you are the focus of My attention and the apple of My eye. I will love you into victory until what seems to be hard becomes the way of grace and glory."
Song of Songs 8:6-7 The Passion Translation
Place this fierce, unrelenting fire
Over your entire being.
Rivers of pain and persecution
Will never extinguish this flame.
Endless floods will be unable
To quench this raging fire
That burns within you.
Everything will be consumed.
It will stop at nothing
As you yield everything
To this furious fire
Until it won't even seem to you
Like a sacrifice anymore.

My encouragement to you today is to hear this word...He WILL DO THE IMPOSSIBLE for us!  

Jesus, thank you for your Word!  Thank you for speaking to us all in dreams, visions and through the Bible, and also through Prophetic words.  Holy Spirit, thank you for the reminder that nothing is impossible with Jesus.   Help us all to keep looking up and focused on things of the Kingdom.  Thank you for this picture of reaching up toward you!   Amen

Monday, October 27, 2014

A bit of a throwback...Monday and an interesting dream!

So one of the things I found this weekend, while cleaning out those closets, was lots and lots of pictures.  Some had been in frames on our walls at one time.  Some were just loose pictures.  I found this great shot above and given the week...Halloween... I felt that it was appropriate!  Don't you just love the looks on those faces?  And why does it seem like just yesterday that I was watching this pumpkin carving?  Now, in typical "mom" fashion, all I can think about is that shirt that Doug is wearing!  He LOVED that particular shirt and he wore it ALL THE TIME!  I got so sick of seeing that shirt in the wash.  I was so glad when he finally outgrew it.  But I am glad that I have this photographic reminder of that piece of clothing.  I also love seeing all of the stuff on the curtains and freezer.  We certainly did display the kids artwork.  I think the kids were 6 and 9 in this picture, but I'm not exactly sure.  I'll have to check with Gwen.  At any rate, it is a LONG time ago.  But this makes me smile!

Last night I had one of those really interesting dreams.  I woke up and started writing it down so I wouldn't forget any part of it.  First of all, there were so many angels that I couldn't count them.  It was as if my eyes were opened to see what had been there all along, so when I looked out the window I just saw legions of angels.  There were so many that I could not actually take it all in.  At one point I shut my eyes because I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all.  But then I saw ABOVE all of these angels, a huge map like "thing" that was covering the entire sky.  It kind of reminded me of being at a planetarium when they project the constellation map on the ceiling.  That giant map was the "instruction board" for those angels.  They would observe the plans, get their assignments and off they went.  As I was watching all this activity (which was sort of like watching a very busy downtown traffic area),  several angels approached me.  They were not at all scary in any way and they were smiling at me. As quickly as they had come to me, they were gone.  I found a paper in my hand and it said  .....  'SKY SIGHT IS YOUR RIGHT ..... MAKE SURE YOUR EYE SIGHT IS SKY SIGHT"

At first I just thought, "well that's interesting".  But the more I thought about this message, the more I saw that this is a really big deal!  It was another reminder to be sure where my focus is.  And it needs to be on Jesus.  I know that I have not been expecting to see in the Spirit.   I have not asked to see angels and I have not seen them.  This dream is just an encouragement for ALL of us to be seeing what is happening in the Spiritual realm that is all around us.  And even more than an encouragement, it is our RIGHT to see into the Spiritual happenings all around us.  As I have been thinking about this, there have been plenty of reminders and nudges give to me about my EYESIGHT.  I haven't really understood what that was about.  And quite honestly right now, I just know that I need to be asking for revelation of the Spiritual Realm, and I need to be keeping on looking up!

Jesus, thank you for dreams and revelations that help us to walk through our day.  Holy Spirit, you are the communicator and the one that helps us "chew on" all that you bring to us.  Thank you for all of those ministering angels that are surrounding us and doing your bidding, Jesus.  Thank you for opening my eyes to "sky sight"!   Amen

Sunday, October 26, 2014

When you end up in the right place....

Tonight I ended up being uncharacteristically late to a meeting.  Normally I arrive around 15 minutes before the start of any meeting.  But tonight I walked in the building at 5:57 for a 6:00 meeting.  When I opened the door, this was what I found!  The room was completely empty!  I went back outside the room, just to make sure I was in the right place.  But, yep, there was the sign and this was the correct place.  So it really didn't make any sense that there was no one else there.  People did start to arrive shortly after I got there.  And I can say with all confidence that I was certainly in the right place tonight!

This week I have been thinking about so many different things... most related to Spiritual warfare. Mixed in with all that kind of heavy stuff,  I have also been thinking about my mom and dad.  Saturday would have been their 78th Wedding Anniversary.  That just doesn't seem possible.  Isn't it funny how you never, ever stop missing your parents?  My dad died in 1985 and my mom died in 2011.  But I still sometimes find myself thinking I need to call my mom and tell her something.  
So in honor of their anniversary, here is our family picture from their 25th Wedding Anniversary.  I am that little 7 year old!  I remember posing for this picture but I know that I didn't appreciate what this day was about.   So many memories of my birth family and especially feeling so thankful for my mom and dad and all that they into my life.  

Yes, tonight was all about being in the right place.  There was no big "event", but all I can say is that I KNOW that I got to the right place at the right time.  It was the best 2 hours spent in prayer that I have had in a long, long time.  It was refreshing and filling and just what I needed.

Don't you just love it when Jesus knows exactly what you need?  I had no idea how much I just needed to be in a room of people, joining together in prayer.  My encouragement to you today is to follow those gentle pushes of the Holy Spirit.  You know, the times that you really feel like you need to get to a meeting or conference?  When you start coming up with all the reasons why you just want to stay home?  Well, that is the time that you need to just push through and GO!  And here comes another Spiritual Warfare update.  That urge to stay home, to NOT go, is a prime example of Spiritual warfare.  Satan wants to keep us out of the presence of Jesus and the company of the Saints.  It is at those times that it is good to shoot up an arrow prayer and ask the Holy Spirit to help us press through and get to that meeting.  When you do, you will be blessed!  

Jesus, thank you for tonight.  You are a God that gives good gifts!  Thank you for providing a sweet treat tonight!  Holy Spirit, continue to give us encouragement to gather and worship and pray and fellowship!  Thank you for family, for mothers and fathers and thank you for memories and anniversaries.    Amen

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Cleaning out a closet.....

So now that the outside of our house is MOSTLY completed, Ken and I have been talking about the INSIDE of our home.  Yes, it needs as much work as the outside did!  Thirty seven years is a LONG time!  And certainly, raising two children here was also hard on the house.  So now it is time to bring this place out of the 1970's and into 2015!  Yes, I am being realistic and know that the work will not be done until 2015 at the earliest.  There is certainly enough to be done right now.  Ken and I began the clear out this afternoon.  We tackled one closet.  I know that is not very much.  But to us, it seems like a big deal.  This picture represents the items that will be going to Goodwill next week. (Gwen will be especially glad to see that very ugly framed hook rug leaving the house.  It used to scare her when it hung in the hallway near her bedroom!)  And I am happy to say that we filled one garbage can and one recycle bin.  I actually condensed the items from three large plastic tubs into one tub.  So I was able to take other items that had been stored in cardboard boxes and move them into the now empty plastic tubs.  We now have a very organized closet in Ken's photography studio.  The hope is that the closet in the scrapbook room will be pared down just as much and we will have organized space in there also.  Alas, we ran out of steam today so that will wait until another day.

I was thinking about how messy everything looked when we were in the middle of this clear out today.  Every room in our upstairs was filled with STUFF.  Even the hallway was almost impassable.  It was necessary to make a big mess in order to really clear out and organize.  Isn't that what happens when we start to deal with those really hard issues that our buried deep inside of us?  You know, the things that are buried way in the back of that dark closet that we would prefer to not open.  Sometimes you just have to pull out all of the junk and deal with it!  Yes, it is messy and there might be stuff all over in every area of your life.  But doing the work, sorting through those issues, throwing out the stuff that just doesn't belong, taking the time to appreciate and save and preserve the things that DO matter.  And then making sure that you can find these treasures when you want them.  I have been through this process many, many times.  And I confess, it is painful.  But the good news is, you feel so much better once you do the hard work!  The biggest reason for this is that once all of this junk is brought out into the light, Satan can not use it against you anymore!  Honestly, it is always the things that we are trying to cover up, that Satan whispers in your ear.  Once you do the work, get rid of the junk, deal with the stuff, and then keep whatever is really useful and good, there is nothing left to torment you. The best news about this process is that you are not doing this alone.  The Holy Spirit always stands with you and Jesus will lead you through the process.   I said that I would be blogging a bit more about Spiritual Warfare, and here is the first installment.  Getting real and dealing with your issues is the most proactive, offensive thing we can do to fight those attacks of Satan.  I really think this is just as important as putting on that armor.  We just can't leave anything hidden that can weaken our spirits.

One more confession tonight.  I did NOT sleep well last night.  My dreams were filled with scary and troubling images, mostly associated with Halloween.  Normally this stuff doesn't bother me.  But I realized that I had not been surrounding my thoughts with prayers of protection.  And I had been just letting the things of the world sort of seep into my mind and my spirit.  So I turned up the tunes in my head, brought a flood of worship into my spirit, and prayed!  I can feel that I am much more settled today, so I expect to sleep well tonight.  But this is just a reminder that  we need to be on guard and not be OVERCOME by the things of the world, but overcome the darkness with the light that is within us.

Jesus, thank you for these reminders today.  Help us all to search our hearts for those hidden things that might cause us trouble in the future.  Holy Spirit, thank you for speaking to me after troubling dreams.  You are always right there to help us when we face situations that unsettle us. What an amazing counselor you are, walking with us as we deal with difficult and sometimes painful issues.  Thank you Jesus for your light that\ eliminates the darkness.  Thank you for times of refreshing amid the work!   Amen

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Doesn't matter how old you are!

In a spare moment this morning, while watching those precious grandchildren, I picked up this book off of the coffee table.  Honestly, I didn't remember purchasing this book, but there it was - in ink - that this book was gifted to Lia on December 24, 2010 by Grandma Lyn and Grandpa.  That was a long time ago...almost 4 years.  And Lia was just 4 1/2 at that time.  And here is Lia from today!  A very grown up 8 1/2 year old.  Full of fun, full of live and full of love.  What a cutie!
Later, while Anna was napping, I picked up this book, one more time.   I was so impressed by these one page devotions.   Just perfect for Lia.  And just perfect for me!
There were so many that I read that really hit home for me today.  Isn't it wonderful that Jesus can use even kids books to speak to us?  I just loved this "Royal Connections".   It uses the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego to discuss having Christian friends.  What a wonderful tie to a Bible story.  I especially love the last part of these devotions - "I know I am loved because.....".  Every devotion has this last line with an appropriate response.  This one says...God sends friends who love him, too!  I guess that really spoke to me today because I was thinking about my small group and how much I love those gals.  

Don't we ALL need to hear these thoughts EVERY DAY?  I need to know I am loved because...  with a special Word from Jesus.  Yes, that is really powerful.   I can tell you that reading that little devotional book today just lifted my spirit and filled me with an amazing sense of the presence of Jesus.  I saw things like....."God has a plan for my life",  "God is always with me".  Yes, sometimes it is good to go back to the basics.  I confess that "daily devotion" time has not always been easy for me.  I struggled with trying to find a balance of stories and just the Bible.  And I have been so blessed by the many, many devotional books that I have found.  Today, I am thankful for this little Princess book that "Celebrates the Love that God has for You"!  So my encouragement to you today is to find a devotional book that will help you focus on Jesus.  Don't get bogged down in the details, Just read and let Jesus speak into exactly where you are. I can assure you that He will speak!

Jesus, thank you for the reminder that you will speak to us through many different means.  Thank you for this book for little girls that will show them every day that they are loved.  How amazing it is to know that you arrange for us to have friends that also know you!  Thank you for all of my wonderful friends.  Thank you for Lia and all that she brings to our family.  Amen

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

From Wiggles to the Armor of God.

I had another great day at Gwen's today.  It is amazing to me that in just a week Anna seems to grow and change so much.  I mean, just look at her!  Here she is standing at her play table.  Now, I admit that I stood her up there, but once she was there, she stayed standing and played for a long, long time! She is so determined and so curious.  There is nothing that girl can not find on the floor...even the tiniest little piece of paper.  I can't wait to watch her grow and see all that she accomplishes.

 It is no surprise that Anna and Zeke have a special relationship.  It has been a bit challenging for Zeke now that Anna is wanting to play with HIS toys.  Zeke is in love with balls of all kinds and he has a giant tub of bouncing balls that he is always going to.  Sometimes  he will share with Anna.  Today Zeke had a "feather duster" and was playing "hockey" with a small ball that flashes and blinks when you touch it.  Anna was just thrilled watching Zeke in action.  I could not get him to stand still long enough to snap a picture.  But you can get the idea from this blurry shot.
I couldn't help but think about The Wiggles!  Lia and Ellie both watched a lot of Wiggles, but Zeke doesn't really know the show.  One of my favorite people of that series is "Captain Feathersword".  He is exactly what you would expect from a show for preschool kids.  Instead of a weapon, he has a feather that is his sword.
And that is what I was thinking about today, when I was watching Zeke.  Let's face it, a feather duster is a lot less likely to cause an injury to another person (think that little 8 month old sister sitting on the floor) than say a hockey stick!  

I've been thinking quite a bit about spiritual warfare in the last couple of days. And today Gwen and I were talking about the armor of God and the Sword of the Spirit.  Actually we were talking about a flaming sword!  Isn't that what we really have?  As we speak the word of God, the Holy Spirit ignites those words.  And the Bible says in Hebrews 4:12
"The Word of God is alive and active, sharper than any double-edged sword"
Of course this fits with my FIRE word from yesterday.  It is just taking it one step further. So my mind has been focusing on swords today.  And I am so thankful that we know that we have the DEFENSIVE piece of armor....that sword.  Yep, there is more that I have to share about what I have been receiving in the last couple of weeks on this subject!  So, watch for future blogs!  

Jesus, thank you for the reminder today of the armor that you have given us.  Help us all to put on this armor every day....The helmet of salvation that keeps our thinking and focus on you.  The breastplate of righteousness that covers our heart and protects our emotions.  The belt of truth that encircles us and keeps us encompassed with the truth.  And our feet are fitted with the shoes that are our peace.  We have been given a shield of faith that is our protection.  And thank you for that sword of the Spirit.  Holy Spirit, thank you for reminding me of the importance of this armor.  Amen

Monday, October 20, 2014

What happens when you make an "Oops" on your calendar......

I really can't tell you what happened, but I had written down in my "paper" calendar that I had an appointment for my yearly physical today.  So I drove to the clinic, and when I went to check in, they couldn't find my appointment.  When she looked a little further, she discovered that my appointment is NEXT Monday...... not today.  Apparently I wrote it on the wrong day.  OOPS!!!  They offered that I could wait around and they might be able to fit me in....but it might be an hour or so.  Well, I had plenty to do today, so I just chalked this up as a diversion due to my own crazy date keeping and said I'd be back next week. But as I was walking back to my car, I came upon a lady, down on the ground!  There was no one else around and I'm not exactly sure how long she had been there.  I helped her up and she told me that she had hurt her ankle badly - possibly broken in a fall at home yesterday.  She lived alone and had no one to help her get to the doctor. She had managed to drive to the clinic, but had fallen trying to walk in.   I was able to get her up and help her into the clinic.  She was extremely grateful for my help.  So, I know why I made that mistake on my calendar!  To be in the right place at the right time to help Helen into the clinic!  This sure made the start of my day seem a lot better.  Instead of being angry and upset about the date misstep, I was filled with the wonder of God's working that got me to that spot this morning.  Isn't he just an amazing God! I had a really good day and I just had to smile every time I thought about this.  Yes, there are never coincidences, there are only God-incidents!

I just had to share this post from the Elijah List today.


"For He sows seeds of light within His lovers, releasing a harvest in the souls of the righteous. Seeds of joy burst forth for the lovers of God!" - Psalm 97:11 - The Passion Translation

Again, I was taken back to an encounter with the Lion of Judah. He roared upon His people who were tired, weak and feeling dismayed in what else to do to be positioned for long awaited breakthrough.
I saw Him roar again and out of His mouth flew seeds of light that were like balls of fire. These balls entered the hearts of His people and there was a great explosion. I saw within the hearts of people a HARVEST. The unraveling manifestation of His promises. This harvest is bringing much needed healing of the weariness and battle wounds of this season. The "tipping point" of all moments of sowing and believing, the harvest had come. Souls were coming into wholeness.
Peace, and strength, hope, healing and life again. I then saw a second bursting and JOY exploded.
The Lion of Judah has roared and the opposition has been turned and now the harvest is being TURNED TO YOU. Your soul will explode with the harvest of heaven and the Glory of God which will result in unimaginable joy despite circumstances.
What the enemy attempted to take from you, He is returning to you in great harvest, healing and joy.
No longer will His people be bowed down in weariness, hopelessness and despair as they are positioned before Him. He is fighting for them and they will STAND TALL in Him again.
Get ready to spontaneously combust with joy in His Glory!

I just loved this final line....combust with JOY IN  HIS GLORY!  Wow,  Isn't that something to look forward to?  I love all of the "Fire" words that are in this post...explode, burst, roar, combust.  I am going to take lots of time meditating on this post.  And I will be listening to that roar of the Lion of Judah!

So, take a couple of minutes and think about the "God-incidents" that you have experienced.  Celebrate those times!  Then stop and listen for the roar of the Lion of Judah.   And wait for all of those fire words to bring that JOY IN HIS GLORY!

Jesus, thank you for reminding me to quickly this morning, that YOU are ordering my steps.  Thank you for getting me to that parking lot at exactly the right time to help Helen.  And Jesus, please bring rapid healing to her ankle.  Thank you for this post from Elijah List today.  Holy Spirit, help all of us to not only read this word, but to enter into the power of these descriptive words. Thank you for joy!  Amen

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Being amazed the creation AND the creation of men!

So once again Ken planned a trip to take some pictures.  We started off the day looking for a place that did not exist! The internet does not always provide accurate information, as we all know.  So we drove to a spot about 30 miles from home, looking for a covered bridge.  There was no bridge to be found.  Apparently the site is in Oregon not Illinois!  So we headed for another spot that Ken had selected.  The photo above is one of my favorites from today. I loved the random placement of this leaf on the bridge.  Such a beautiful part of God's creation.  It was a much better weather day today - the sun was shining, it was warm and breezy.  Instead of waiting in the car (which I did yesterday), I actually walked around the entire park we visited.

The place we visited was the I & M Canal Passage in what was once Aux Sable Illinois. This amazing man made canal was built entirely by hand from 1832 until it was completed in 1848.  Here is a bit of what I found on line about this canal....

The Illinois and Michigan Canal connected the Great Lakes to the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico. It ran 96 miles (154 km) from the Chicago River in Bridgeport, Chicago to the Illinois River at LaSalle-Peru. The canal crossed the Chicago Portage and helped establish Chicago as the transportation hub of the United States, before the railroad era. It was opened in 1848, its function was largely replaced by the wider and shorter Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal in 1900 and it ceased transportation operations with the completion of the Illinois Waterway in 1933.

Did you see this?  This canal helped establish Chicago as the transportation HUB of the United States. And those 96 miles were all created by men.  This sign in the picture above, talked about the Irish immigrants who worked on the construction of this waterway.  Quite a big deal in the 1830's.  At the location that we visited today, the canal actually runs OVER another river!  They build an aqueduct that carried the canal over another flowing river.  
This is a picture from underneath the aqueduct.  Really very amazing.  How amazing and creative were the men that designed and then built this 96 mile canal.  How wonderful that this canal has been preserved so that we can still appreciate it today.  I recently blogged about the revelation that during the next year,The Holy Spirit will be releasing "Divine Intelligence".  You know, those new and innovative creative ideas that will bring about changes that will reveal the power and presence of the Jesus to the world.  I get so excited when I consider what is ahead.  I truly believe that right now, there are people out there with creative ideas that will change medicine, technology, travel.... really everything.  It is not hard to imagine how much things can change the world when you consider this blog....the internet....the World Wide Web.  Even just 30 years ago, this seemed impossible.  I am so thankful for the advances in technology that allow the Word of God to travel around the world with just a click of a send key.  And that increases my excitement as this Divine Intelligence begins to manifest.  I just can not wait!   

Jesus, thank you for the beauty of your creation that was all around me today!  Thank you for this amazing historical site that reminded me that you are in charge of divinely inspired ideas that change the world.  Holy Spirit, keep us all open to the new and seemingly impossible ideas that you give to us.  Thank you for your plans and destiny for all of us.  Amen

Saturday, October 18, 2014

From wishing for frost to giving thanks in all things!

 My head is so, so tired of the daily pollen alerts.  I really need to see some heavy frost on the ground so that I can stop coughing and start breathing easier!  In spite of the high pollen count, Ken and I went to the Morton Arboretum today so that he could take some photos.  I mostly sat in the car (which was better for my head), but I did get a few pictures.   It was not an ideal day.  It was overcast and somewhat cold and rainy.  However, around 3:00pm the sun broke through the clouds, so we decided to brave it for those pictures.  The sun didn't last very long, and we weren't the only ones who thought it might be a good idea to look at the color.  The place was more crowded than we have ever seen it!  As we drove through the park, we were in a line up of cars.  There were very few spots to park anywhere on the drive.  Ken finally found a couple of places to pull off so that he could get some shots.  I love this first picture - even though these are WEEDS!   I love how they look RED in the photo.  It really looks like the tips are on fire.  Yes, I like this picture, but I could really do without these weeds!  Come on frost!  Anytime now!

As I was sitting in the car, realizing that all I was thinking about was how much I wanted that first heavy frost, it hit me how wrong this was!  I need to be focusing on being content!  Not wishing for the future to hurry up and get here.  This verse came to mind...

"But Godliness with contentment is great gain"  1 Timothy 6:6

And following closely behind this verse, I thought of this one...

"Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances, 
for this is God's will in Christ Jesus.  1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

As I was thinking about these verses, I put my phone down (my Bible is on my phone - gotta love new technology), and looked out the window of the car.  I really looked out the window.  What I saw took my breath away.  The variations in the colors was simply amazing.  This tree was almost right in front of me.  I noticed the wondrous shift of color from green to yellow to orange to red.  I saw all of the groups of people walking on pathways.  The breeze caused leaves to drop from the trees.  There were little children picking up the colored leaves off of the ground.  And it seemed that there were cameras in almost every hand!  How could I have missed this?   So I spent the last part of our time at the Arboretum really looking!  And I rejoiced in the work of God's hand, painting the forest with colors.  By the time we drove out of the park, I was giving thanks for those amazing weeds.  I just love how Jesus can teach us a lesson so quickly!   

Jesus, thank you for your amazing creation!  Thank you for the change of season that paints the landscape with color.  Holy Spirit, you are a wonderful teacher that gives us gentle nudges to remind us exactly where our focus needs to be.  Thank you for Ken and his love of photography that got me out into this beautiful place.   Help us all to be content and thankful!  Amen

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Follow the Leader and stay the course!

Zeke got to be the leader this morning, at the bus stop.  Follow the leader is a favorite game in the couple of minutes that we have before the bus comes.  Zeke, like most three year olds, is not very happy when he doesn't get his way.  And his way is usually to be the leader!  The girls are pretty good about working it out with Zeke.  And we are working on taking turns.  Ellie is dressed like it is winter time, in her ladybug hat because today was her first ever "Field Trip".  Her kindergarten class went to the pumpkin farm.  And it was a dark, gloomy kind of cold day.  Yes, it was a very exciting day for her.  Later on in the morning, when Anna was taking a nap, I got to thinking about "Follow the Leader".

Isn't that what we are all supposed to be doing?  Following THE leader - Jesus!  And the good news is that he is playing this game of follow the leader with each of us as individuals.  There is a perfect path for us to walk and all we need to do is be content to follow along.  There have been plenty of times when I wanted to be the leader so I rushed ahead, or even ran the other way.  Boy was that a big mistake.  Yep, there were times that I walked very close to the edge of the cliff.  Or walked smack dab into a mucky, muddy patch.  It would be so much easier to just follow the leader!  

Then there were all of the times that I thought I was letting Jesus lead me, when I was still trying to steer the course.  I am sure that you can relate to this.  I just sort of tried to edge my way next to Jesus.  I was thinking that I really knew exactly what I was supposed to be doing, where I was supposed to be going.  Surely I knew better than anyone else what would make me happy.  Or what would solve my problems.  Yeah, this wasn't a good idea either.  Trying to override the leader never, ever works.  If two people are trying to steer, the only thing that happens is trouble.  

Isn't this really silly?  It is much easier to be a follower.  I don't know why we always resist.  Especially when we know WHO the leader is!  Jesus always knows what is the best for us.  He promises to always show us the way, if we will just listen to him and follow in his footsteps.  I think it is extra hard to keep our eyes on the leader and follow along, when things don't seem to be going so well.  It is during those times that it is so easy to feel our faith waiver.  Which is why it is so good for us to surround ourselves with good friends who can help us stay the course.  These are the people who remind us who Jesus is.  They also help us look back at how far we have come.   And through their testimonies, we are encouraged to walk on, following the leader.

Jesus, thank you for this very clear reminder that I just need to keep my eyes on you.  Holy Spirit, thank you for friends that help us stay on the right path.  Jesus you are so good to us!  You welcome us back, even when we run ahead of you.  When our choices lead us into trouble, you are there to rescue us.  When we struggle with the path we are on, you just keep leading us on.  How amazing!  Thank you for another revelation of your great love.  Amen

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Still in so many ways!

Here is a picture of our house, while it was under construction, around Christmas in 1977.   I am happy to say that, as of tonight, all of those windows and that old door are now gone.  Replaced with much more energy efficient models that will actually open and close!  Imagine that!  Since we started this rather large project (windows, doors, siding) we have not had great weather.  Today our contractor and worker spent the day on ladders, in the rain.  And the temperatures were falling through out the day.  By the time they left at 3:00pm, I could tell that they were cold and wet.  But they are trying to push through and finish this job.  There is still more work to be done.   I am so anxious to have this all that we can move on to the next project!  Yes, the house is truly a work in process.

So today in my small group I shared these verses that had showed up on my Facebook wall this morning.  They spoke to me so clearly today.

Ephesians 1:17-20 (TPT) personalized
17 - I pray continually that the Father of Glory, the God of my Lord Jesus, the Messiah, would unveil in me the riches of the Spirit of wi
sdom and the Spirit of revelation through the fullness of being one with Jesus.
18 - I pray that the light of God will brighten the eyes of my innermost being, flooding me with light, until I experience the full revelation of my great hope of glory. I know that is the reason He called me to Himself, and I pray that I explore and experience for myself all the riches of this wealth that has been freely given to me, for I am His true inheritance!
19 - My prayer is that every moment I will experience the measureless power of God made available to me through faith. Then my life will be an advertisement of this immense power as it works through me!
20 - This is the resurrection power that was released though Jesus when God raised Him from the dead. This resurrection power raised me up and seated me with Him at His place of supreme authority in the heavenly realm!

Ephesians 3:14-19 (TPT) personalized
14 - When I think of the wisdom of His plan I kneel humbly in awe before the Father of my Lord Jesus, the Messiah,
15 - the perfect Father of every father and child in heaven and on the earth.
16 - And I pray that He would pour out over me the unlimited riches of His glory and favor until supernatural strength floods my innermost being with His divine might and explosive power.
17 – Then, by constantly using my faith, the life of Jesus will be released deep inside me, and the resting place of His love will become the very source and root of my life, providing me with a secure foundation that grows and grows.
18, 19 - Then, as my spiritual strength increases, I will be empowered to discover what every holy one experiences – the great magnitude of the astonishing love of Jesus, the Messiah in all its dimensions. How deeply intimate and far-reaching is His love! How enduring and inclusive it is! Endless love beyond measurement, beyond academic knowledge – this extravagant love pours into me until I am filled to overflowing with the fullness of God!

While I am in this process of growing closer to Jesus, I need to be about the business of telling myself exactly who I am and what I have because of Jesus.  And more than that, I love from Ephesians 1 verse 19, that I am an ADVERTISEMENT of the power that is working through me.  Think about that!  How many different commercials can you recall without thinking to much about it?  I am sure it is lots and lots.  I want to be an unforgettable advertisement of all that Jesus can and will do for the world.  I think I am going to make this my new goal and daily prayer.  I want to experience the power and then show it off to the world!  And, interestingly enough, as I typed that last sentence, I make an error and wrote "sow".  Maybe that wasn't an error!  Thinking back to a blog a couple of days ago, this is a season to sow and see that multiplied greatly.  So, yes, I will be praying that I will SOW that power of Jesus into the world even as I SHOW that power to the world.

I am so loving these posts from the Passion Translation Bible.   I strongly encourage you to seek out their Facebook page and also get your hands on these amazing books.  They are even available at Walmart and Sams (at least some of the stores.  I tried to find them in my Walmart and they did not have them or any record that they were getting them).  You will be blessed!

Jesus, thank you for leading me deeper into relationship with you.   Thank you for my small group and the strength and power we have as we join together to worship you and share our burdens and blessings.  Thank you again, for Brian Simmons and The Passion Translation Bible.  Holy Spirit, bring encouragement to us all that we are making a difference in the world as the power of Jesus shows through us.  Thank you for completing all of the work in process.  Amen

Monday, October 13, 2014

Growing in admiration for both my mother AND my daughter!

Okay, so this picture may seem a bit out of place today.  But you will understand better why I selected this picture as you keep reading.   First of all, this picture is from 1980 November when Gwen was 18 months old.  I had taken her to Minnesota to visit my mom and dad.  I love this picture of the three of them.  It is one of my favorites.

So, as you know from my last blog, I spent the weekend at Gwen and Tim's watching their four children.  I had a really wonderful time being with them and got to have some time with each one.  They are really great kids and I had no issues at all over the two days and nights that I spent with them.  They cooperated, slept well, ate well and played hard!  But just let me add, I AM TIRED!  I slept about the same amount as I usually do (with maybe a couple of added interruptions), and we didn't leave the house at all (except to walk to the park), so I am at a loss as to why I am feeling this way!  Except to say that taking care of four children is hard work!  It is hard work at any age, but at 60 - yes it is tiring.

Last night Anna woke up at an unusual time and seemed hungry.  So I gave her a bottle.  For the next 40 minutes I listened to her "playing" in her crib.  She was not crying, she was just "talking".  I don't know exactly what she was looking at (it was dark in her room) or playing with (she had nothing in her crib except her pacifier) but she was just happily vocalizing from her crib.  She eventually went to sleep.  But during that time that I was listening to her, I got to thinking about my mom and dad.  There was a particular event/time that my mom always talked about as being very challenging but also very rewarding for her.  My sister needed to go to Mayo Clinic for some life saving surgery and she lived in Montana at the time.  My parents lived in the Minneapolis area. Unfortunately, my sister's then husband did not make very wise choices and he did not want to take care of their children during this surgery.  My sister's children were ages 9, 7, not yet 3, and just turned 1.  So my mom and dad brought my sister to their home, took her to Rochester for the surgery, and then cared for her four daughters during her hospitalization and recovery.  I was thinking about how much stress that was for all of them - my sister and my parents.  First for my!  You are experiencing your own trauma but then you have the worry of your children.  For my parents, not only did they have the concern for their daughter but they had the care of these kids.  But here is what my mom would always say about this time taking care of Elise, Chris, Sara and Staci.  I remember her sort of telling a story on herself about her experience with disposable diapers.  She really had never used them and couldn't figure out how they worked. (This was in 1978 so disposables were quite new!). And having two in diapers was not something that my mom had ever done. The main thing she always talked about from this event was how my dad really stepped up to the plate.  I really think this might have been one of the first times that he was around with little kids.  During all the years that we were growing up, he traveled for his job and was not home much.  We were all spaced far apart and my mom and dad never really had two babies in the house at the same time! At the time of my sister's surgery, my dad had just retired and they had relocated into a smaller house in Minnesota.  Mom told how Dad had fashioned gates for the stairs on the first day that they had the kids.  Dad also took the older two girls under his wing and often took them shopping for groceries or out on errands.  And he would always get them special treats.   I am sure that this time was stressful for them and I know that they must have been tired.  But when my mom talked about this time, she always had a smile on her face.  My sister did well during her surgery and recovery and my parents were thankful that they were able to be there and help her during this crisis.  I think that my sister and her kids spent a couple of months with my parents.  This memory did cause me to admire my parents and see them in a different way than I had before.  They really rose to the occasion and managed very well.

Yes, I was feeling very thankful that it was not an "emergency" that brought me to Gwen's house.  It was a chance for Gwen and Tim to minister and share their gifts and talents with youth from their church.  And it was not a couple of months, it was a couple of days.   But Gwen and Tim do this "parenting of four small children" EVERYDAY!   Yes, it does increase your understanding when you "do" their life for a couple of days.  When Gwen says she is tired, SHE IS TIRED!  When they say they are busy, THEY ARE BUSY!  But I know that they are also filled with the love and joy from those precious children.  There are hugs, kisses and more hugs through out the day.  Zeke likes to do "cannonball" hugs (where he runs across the room and throws himself at you!) And he is not a little boy!  I just loved  hearing  "Grandma Lyn, come here!" When I answered his call, Zeke said "Grandma Lyn, I love you, have good sleep!"  God knew what he was doing when he gives babies to those who are younger and stronger.  And I admire Gwen and Tim for parenting their children with love and most importantly, with Jesus.

Last night, as I watched Lia, Ellie and Zeke in the "big bath tub" splashing around in mounds of bubbles, I couldn't have been happier.  Anna was already sleeping in her crib and we were all laughing at the soap bubble fun.  It was one of those times that I didn't think to get out my camera.  But I have those memories stored up and I won't forget this.  I felt bathed in the warmth and love of these children.   And I am blessed.

Isn't it interesting how Jesus helps us appreciate where we are in our own life through memories and thoughts of other generations?  I love that I can see my mom and dad in a new light, after caring for my own grandchildren.  And I can reflect on the times I had with my own children as I watch them with their children.  Can't we all look back on memories of our family - both good and bad memories - and grow in understanding as we see these events through different eyes.   I am so thankful that this memory of my mom and dad was "re-framed" by my own experiences this weekend.

Jesus, thank you for connecting me once again to both my mother and my daughter through this memory.  Thank you for times in the night to pray and listen to your voice.  Thank you for laughter and hugs and kisses.  Thank you for family and connections between the generations.  And thank you for a warm, comfy bed!  Amen

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Day one of fun! Spending time with the Grandkids!

So this morning I began my "weekend of fun"!  I am up at Gwen's house watching the kids (and the dog) for the weekend.  I have been looking forward to this time for several months.  It is something to spend so much time with these little cuties.  While it would be nice to have them come to my house, with 4 kids and a dog, it is better to be in their own home.  And, here it is 9:14pm and all of them - including Chandler, the dog, are asleep!  I'd call that a good end to the day!

This afternoon a couple of  friends came over for a play date with Lia and Ellie.  Anna was napping so the kids spent most of the time outside, loving the sunshine and wonderful weather.    When Anna woke up, we walked to their local playground, just a couple of blocks away.  The girls rode scooters or bikes and Zeke "mowed the lawn" the entire way there and back with his play lawn mower.  Anna was quite happy just riding along in her stroller.  It was good to be out and enjoying the bright blue sky and the comfortable temperature.

While we were at the park, I spotted this one little flower kind of hidden by the sidewalk.  Since it is October, it is pretty odd to see a flower blooming.  And it was so pretty.  I just loved it.

Anna was just mesmerized in her stroller, looking up at the trees.  The particular tree near the bench I was sitting on, was dropping tons and tons of little seeds.  It sounded like water hitting the pavement.  Anna just laughed every time the wind blew and these seeds fell.  It was so fun to watch her reaction to the leaves and the wind.   You can see some of the seeds on the ground in the flower picture!

You hear it over and over, that we need to be like little children.  All you have to do is spend some time with humans under the age of 9 and you get the picture very clearly.  Here are a few reminders that I got today (thanks to Lia, Ellie, Zeke and Anna)......
*Why walk when you can run?  I mean really, it's much more fun to run!
*there is nothing better than a cold juice box after some time in the sunshine.
*Who needs expensive toys when you can cut up paper into little pieces for over an hour? And then you can spend another 20 minutes picking up all the little pieces on the floor and putting them into a ziplock bag.
*Sisters and brothers are great friends...even if they annoy you at times!  They will always play with you if you ask nicely.
*Helping is so much fun....setting the table, unloading the dishwasher, stirring the food, opening the is ALL fun!

So.... to recap these points......  Let's run into the future!  Let's get out and enjoy the sunshine and the SONSHINE and then refresh with some good drinks of living water.  Look around you and find that you have everything you need, even if it seems really simple and silly.  Cherish the people that are close to you, they will be there for you.  Everyone can use a little help sometimes. And helping is FUN!  Great advise that I need to take in and follow every day!  Thank you Holy Spirit for this revelation!

Yes, this was a great start to this weekend.  But this Grandma is tried and tomorrow will come early, I am sure!  So, goodnight all!

Jesus, thank you for this day and these amazing children.  Thank you for your plans to prosper them and give them a future and hope.   Bless Gwen and Tim and the youth and adults that they are with at Insight.  Give them times of great sharing and great revelation of your presence, Jesus.  Let them hear your voice with clarity.  Thank you for sunshine and special gifts of a beautiful little yellow flower.  Amen

Friday, October 10, 2014

Not the day I had planned.....

I had lots of different errands to run today and some things that I really wanted to accomplish. I had made plans to have lunch with my son and daughter-in-law and was so looking forward to this day.  But somewhere around 8:30am I was on the phone with Gwen.  I began to experience some bizarre and simply terrifying visual disturbances.  All I can tell you is that I was "seeing" a bunch of black dots and zig zag lines across my eyes that were continually changing and moving.  It was so frightening.  I immediately called Ken to come home so that he could take me to the doctor.  Poor Gwen!  She was really afraid that I might be having a stoke!  Before Ken got home, I had called my eye doctor and they were prepared to see me as soon as I could get there.  Thankfully, by the time Ken got home, my vision had cleared.  I think it lasted for around 20 minutes.  My eye doctor did a very detailed exam of my eyes and told me that he was sure that what I had experienced was an "ocular migraine".  I thought this was very weird since I did not have a headache or any other symptoms.  Apparently these are not all  that uncommon and some people have these events only one time and some people have them more often.  They are unsure what causes them and there is nothing that you can do to prevent them or when they are happening.  So, yes, I was breathing out.

On the way to the eye doctor, I was trying to relax and just trust that Jesus would give me an answer about this event.  I suddenly remembered that several weeks ago, while I was at a worship service where healings were taking place, I had heard that I should get prayers for my eyes.  The funny thing was, I really didn't have any reason for this prayer.  I had an eye appointment for my yearly exam during the following week, but I had not been having any issues with my eyes.  I thought it was really odd.  I decided that I needed to pray for my spiritual eyes to be opened and to see with greater clarity all that Jesus had for me.  I ended up leaving that meeting never getting any prayer.  It was very late and there were so many people waiting for prayer, so I opted to leave.  Today I wondered if this was the reason for that nudge of the Holy Spirit, encouraging me to pray and get prayer for my eyes!

After the eye doctor, Ken decided to stay home for the rest of the day, We ended up both going out to lunch with our son and daughter-in-law which was wonderful.  There were several little jobs that Ken needed to do for our home improvement projects going on.  I spent some time just relaxing.  While I was thinking about the day, I was filled with thankfulness.   And I prayed that Jesus would touch my eyes - physical and spiritual - so that His will would be done through me.  Tonight I am just so thankful for SIGHT!

Wow...this was not the day I had planned.  But tonight I am so thankful for Ken and his care and concern for me.  And I am thankful for Gwen and Doug and their families.  I am very blessed to have a wonderful eye doctor who fit me in and then spent time explaining to me what this odd occurrence was and assuring me that I was really going to be okay. And I am so, so thankful that I was reminded that the Holy Spirit will nudge me when there is something that I need to be praying about.

I am encouraging all of you reading this, to be sensitive to that little whisper from the Holy Spirit.  And I am speaking to myself also.  We just need to be quiet and listen.  And we need to DO!  If we hear, PRAY, then we need to pray.  If someone's face comes to our mind, we need to CALL (and pray).  If there is a cause or topic that keeps coming to our minds, we need to listen to that whisper and than follow through with action.   I will be reminding myself of this daily!

Jesus, thank you for your care and concern for every little detail in our life.  Thank you for family that stands with us.  Thank you for doctors and tests and all the things that we sometimes take for granted in our medical world today.  Thank you for being THE healer.  Amen

Thursday, October 9, 2014

When things seem to be not quite done......

So our house transformation is underway.  We love the new color and the windows are simply amazing.  There is still a bit of work to do but we can begin to see how wonderful it will be once it is completed.  I am so thankful for an amazing contractor.  And we have been blessed with really good weather.  As a matter of fact they were predicting an 80% chance of rain for today.  As you can see from the photo it was a clear blue, picture perfect day today.  What a blessing!

As I mentioned earlier this week, I also feel a bit like I have been undergoing a personal transformation.  Appropriately, I feel that there is still quite a bit more work to do before I feel fully "new".  Yes, I feel a bit like my house looks.  There is a part of the house that has been stripped bare and is exposed to the elements.   Since Saturday I have been reflecting on so many of the routines and habits that I have fallen into that needed to be stripped away.  I needed to have my inner voice totally changed.  The good news is that I have a clear plan that was laid out before me on Saturday night.  There were clear steps to take to begin to move into that new place.  The last thing from Saturday night was an impartation of "Divine Intelligence".  It is with this new way of thinking that we will be able to SMILE AT THE FUTURE and SOW SEEDS THAT MULTIPLY INTO AN AMAZING HARVEST.  In fact, that is the key to these messages.  We need to have the mind and thought process of Jesus in order to walk out that mandate.  In this season  he is pouring out this divine intelligence that will enable us to know exactly what seeds to sow and where to sow them.  Additionally we will be given new and creative ways to complete the harvest.  And when we are thinking in this new way, we will be smiling at the future,

So while I know that something extremely important happened within me, I feel a bit like our house looks right now.  The good news is that everything is in place - already purchased to finish our house project.  The rest of the siding is sitting on the driveway.  The garage is full of all the "stuff" that is needed to complete this project.   And I know that I have everything I need within me!  It was already purchased by Jesus on the cross.  And it was delivered to me through the Holy Spirit.  So even though it may LOOK like the project is not going along very well, the TRUTH is that everything is fine!  As a matter of fact the really good news is that when God looks at me, he sees the finished product.

Jesus, thank you for this reminder that even when I am critical of myself, you see so much more.  What a great picture you have presented to me with my home repairs!  Thank you for speaking to us in our everyday stuff.  Thank you for bringing this message as a reminder to us that you are imparting a new way of thinking for all of us for this new season.  Holy Spirit, help us see how equipped we are through Jesus.    Amen

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The blessing is in the pressing!

Okay.... that title has a couple of different "interpretations".  First, for me anyway, is in pressing in to get closer to Jesus.  Yes, there is a blessing as you just rest and stay in that place of quietness, so that Jesus can come closer to us.  I love to consider this!  What a blessing it is to draw into that deeper place of closeness through the Holy Spirit.   I love this picture above, however, because I need to be reminded that it is NOT about striving!  The pressing in is always about being quiet and resting so that Jesus can bring me closer.

And then there is another PRESSING.  You know, when the world seems to weigh you down.  Or even circumstances that feel crushing.  There have certainly been plenty of those times in my own life.  And my facebook feed seems to be filled with people who have really pressing situations going on right now.   So I love this reminder that there is BLESSING in that pressing time.  Notice it does not say blessing when you are out of the pressing stuff.  The blessing can be found IN the bad times.  That is hard for people who are in the midst of "stuff".  That is why I am declaring that blessing right now for all of them!  

Isn't it great that we can stand with our brothers and sisters who are in tough situations and remind them that Jesus is all about blessing them?  I don't know where I would be without the body of Christ standing with me.  Seriously, being alone is not good!

Now for the truth telling.   My notes from Saturday night begin like this.....
"I am feeling very lonely here tonight.  It seems like everyone is in a group or there are lots of couples around me.  Does this mean that I shouldn't have come tonight?  How can I feel so alone and so lonely when I am surround by a large crowd of people?"
Isn't it interesting to read that after you have seen my last two blogs.  Remember I said that Saturday was amazing and changed so much for me?  Yes, that's right.  I started the night feeling like I shouldn't have bothered going to this event.   You see, Satan will do whatever he can to try to keep us out of the blessing.   But the joke is on him.  Because in the uncertainty and pressure, that is where the blessing is.  So, when those feelings were hitting me and I started to feel overwhelmed, I just stopped and took a deep breath and cried out to Jesus.  The worship began and then everything was okay.  Surely there was a blessing in the pressing.

Jesus, thank you, again for Saturday night.  Thank you for the reminder that you will draw close to us when we seek to draw close to you.  Thank you for giving me a very real example of feeling "pressed" and then knowing I had been very blessed.   Holy Spirit, reach out to us tonight and bring that measure of quiet peace that will help us to feel that blessing - where ever we are and no matter what our circumstance say.  Thank you for the body of Christ - our sisters and brothers - that stand with us and believe and hope FOR us.  Amen

Monday, October 6, 2014

Changes on the outside AND the inside.

Today a very exciting event began at my home.  We are getting new siding, new windows, new doors even a new garage door!  Isn't that exciting?  Our 37 year old house really needed this face lift. And we needed it for our energy bills.  In a short time, our house will look very different from the outside since we changed the color of our siding.  And from the inside we will also notice the new windows in every room.   And we will be warm and comfy this winter.  Yes, quite a change.

Since last Saturday I have been noticing some very big changes within me -not visible on the outside.  But big changes none the less.  As I mentioned yesterday, smiling is a part of this change.   That smile at the future was the FIRST point made by Patricia King.  The second point was "this is the season when Jesus will greatly bless and multiply the seeds that have been sown and the harvest will be amazing"  This is a time to SOW greatly so that the harvest will be multiplied!  You know all those "footprints" blogs that I've been writing over the last week or so?  Well, those are all seeds that have been sown into my life.  And there are many, many more.  I think that one of the main things I have focused on in this blog are the people who have sown into my life and the seeds that were sown.  So when I heard this word on Saturday, something in my spirit just jumped!  There is a reason that the Holy Spirit has been reminding me and bringing to light all of those seeds sown into me and my generations!  It is to prepare for the harvest from those seeds.  WOW!  That's all I can say about that.  At this point I don't know what that harvest will be.  But I am convinced that there WILL be a harvest and it will be much much more than I could ever think or imagine! Suddenly, sowing seeds seems like a very important task.  This has made a big change deep within me.  Call it an excitement or expectation.  Whatever it is, well, it feels GREAT!  And here is the really great news about this!  IT IS NOT JUST FOR ME -   IT IS FOR ALL OF YOU OUT THERE READING THIS BLOG!  I will just have to trust that the Holy Spirit will touch each of you and bring some of this excitement that I am feeling, into your spirit.  I suppose that some of you may be thinking that this is an old message that you have heard before.   But this message is for this NEW YEAR and this NEW SEASON.  Yes, this is a time of new beginnings.

Jesus, thank you for bringing revelation to me that comes with excitement and expectation.  Holy Spirit, touch all who are reading with this message of multiplication.  Thank you for connecting us to our past generations and giving us encouragement to sow into the future.  Thank you for provision for improvements to my home.  Amen

Sunday, October 5, 2014

New Growth.....and smiling!

Today Ken and I went to a really nice Botanic Garden quite close to our house. Yesterday we actually had snow flurries!  Yes, it is only October 4 but it was a cold, windy, rainy blustery day that felt like winter!  Today was a welcome return to autumn weather.  Sunny and in the 50's so it was a great day to be out in nature.  I took the photo above and the thought in my mind was "new growth".  And given it is not a usual time to see growth, I was surprised! You could see the very blueish green new growth on the ends of all the branches.  It was if this tree had a really big growth spurt! This really resonated with me, after my night last night!
Last night, I heard this women, Patricia King, at a gathering at HUB Ministries,  It was a wonderful meeting!  On my way home I was thinking about the amazing amount of "stuff" that had been downloaded into my spirit in just a couple of hours.  Yes, it was a time of new growth for me.  
The entire night was really based on this one point....."SMILE AT YOUR FUTURE"!  This is taken from Proverbs 31:25,,,,
"She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come"

There was so much that Patricia shared.  After I got home, that phrase, smile at your future, just kept rolling around in my head.  Wow!  If you listen to the news, read the stuff on the internet, listen to almost anyone talking about our country, politics, the world news, it is easy for fear and doubt to begin to enter your mind.  And then the LAST thing you feel like doing is smiling at your future.  But with Jesus, we have everything we need and we CAN and SHOULD be smiling at all that is ahead for us.   Yesterday was the Jewish New Year and a time to celebrate the new beginning.  What a great time to remember that our future is one to smile about.  We have Jesus and what else do we need?  As Patricia said, even if we lost everything - had no money, no home, no possessions -  we would STILL have Jesus.  And He is our provision!  He is our brother.  He is our friend.  He is our power and our strength.  We have everything to smile about.  

I have pages and pages of notes from last night.  I know that this information will be speaking to me over the next few weeks.  I am so thankful for this meeting last night.  When I left there, I had a new sense of purpose and destiny that had been missing from my spirit.  It's funny how one meeting can bring so much revelation.  And can bring a smile to my face!  Yes, I am smiling at my future.

Jesus, thank you for Patricia King and HUB Ministries.  Continue to bless them greatly with revelation and wisdom.  Holy Spirit, remind all of us to live in the knowledge that we have so much to smile about.  Keep us from fear and anxiety and help us live in the celebration of all we have in Jesus.  Amen