Thursday, October 30, 2014

Being a "Star Student" and creating masterpieces...

This was a very important week for Ellie at school.  She was the "Star Student" which gave her all kinds of important special activities this week.  She has had "George" (pictured above) home with her and he came with a journal and special books to read.  Today George returned to school.  Ellie has gotten to bring a special poster with pictures of her, create special art work, bring her favorite books to read, a special "Show and Tell" item, and bring pictures of her family.  Yes, this has been a very special week for Ellie.  Even though Lia was home sick from school yesterday and today, Ellie has very willingly gotten on that bus and gone to school.  She is one happy Kindergartner.  So I had Lia today in addition to Zeke and Anna.  She was feeling so much better today but was still not okay to return to school (24 hours on antibiotics), so she mostly played with Zeke!  They asked to paint and I happily agreed.
I love how much concentration Zeke is showing in this picture.  Note his tongue!  It was a very quiet hour with Anna sleeping.  And there were several masterpieces when the painting was over.  

I was thinking about Ellie's Star Student title.  It is always so good to be recognized.  To stand out from the crowd and have others get a better idea of who you are.   I love that we are ALL "Star Students" to Jesus.  He wants to know exactly what is important to us.  He likes to hear all about what is happening in our world.  And he wants to know about the things that we love.  Yes, it gives me a really good feeling to know that I am a special "student" to Jesus. Really, isn't that what "Disciple" means?   The Webster definition is "a follower or student of a teacher, leader, or philosopher".  So this does fit.  More than that, I know that Jesus is just waiting to see all of those special masterpieces that we create.  He has empowered us and gifted us with "Divine Intelligence". And I know that there are many new and amazing things that will be coming forth from the body of Christ.  New inventions, new ideas, new plans, new ways of doing things........ I truly believe that we will be seeing these things in the days ahead.  I love knowing that it doesn't matter who you are, you are important enough to be a "star student" to Jesus.  Now I confess that as of right now, I don't have a "masterpiece" or a new idea to share.  But the most important thing is that I am expecting that it will be my turn!  
Sometimes you just have to believe and have faith. So I will continue to look forward to hearing about all the new things that are happening with the body of Christ.  And I will also be looking forward to my turn.  

Jesus thank you for your great plan for us to learn and grow as we follow you.  Thank you for the gift of our creative ideas and talents to bring forth masterpieces and inventions that can transform our world.   Holy Spirit, I love that you do not leave anyone out, that we all have been given the mind of Christ.  Keep us all expectant and open to thinking outside of all we know.  Thank you for children who create without thinking!  Help us all to be like little children.  Amen

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