Monday, October 27, 2014

A bit of a throwback...Monday and an interesting dream!

So one of the things I found this weekend, while cleaning out those closets, was lots and lots of pictures.  Some had been in frames on our walls at one time.  Some were just loose pictures.  I found this great shot above and given the week...Halloween... I felt that it was appropriate!  Don't you just love the looks on those faces?  And why does it seem like just yesterday that I was watching this pumpkin carving?  Now, in typical "mom" fashion, all I can think about is that shirt that Doug is wearing!  He LOVED that particular shirt and he wore it ALL THE TIME!  I got so sick of seeing that shirt in the wash.  I was so glad when he finally outgrew it.  But I am glad that I have this photographic reminder of that piece of clothing.  I also love seeing all of the stuff on the curtains and freezer.  We certainly did display the kids artwork.  I think the kids were 6 and 9 in this picture, but I'm not exactly sure.  I'll have to check with Gwen.  At any rate, it is a LONG time ago.  But this makes me smile!

Last night I had one of those really interesting dreams.  I woke up and started writing it down so I wouldn't forget any part of it.  First of all, there were so many angels that I couldn't count them.  It was as if my eyes were opened to see what had been there all along, so when I looked out the window I just saw legions of angels.  There were so many that I could not actually take it all in.  At one point I shut my eyes because I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all.  But then I saw ABOVE all of these angels, a huge map like "thing" that was covering the entire sky.  It kind of reminded me of being at a planetarium when they project the constellation map on the ceiling.  That giant map was the "instruction board" for those angels.  They would observe the plans, get their assignments and off they went.  As I was watching all this activity (which was sort of like watching a very busy downtown traffic area),  several angels approached me.  They were not at all scary in any way and they were smiling at me. As quickly as they had come to me, they were gone.  I found a paper in my hand and it said  .....  'SKY SIGHT IS YOUR RIGHT ..... MAKE SURE YOUR EYE SIGHT IS SKY SIGHT"

At first I just thought, "well that's interesting".  But the more I thought about this message, the more I saw that this is a really big deal!  It was another reminder to be sure where my focus is.  And it needs to be on Jesus.  I know that I have not been expecting to see in the Spirit.   I have not asked to see angels and I have not seen them.  This dream is just an encouragement for ALL of us to be seeing what is happening in the Spiritual realm that is all around us.  And even more than an encouragement, it is our RIGHT to see into the Spiritual happenings all around us.  As I have been thinking about this, there have been plenty of reminders and nudges give to me about my EYESIGHT.  I haven't really understood what that was about.  And quite honestly right now, I just know that I need to be asking for revelation of the Spiritual Realm, and I need to be keeping on looking up!

Jesus, thank you for dreams and revelations that help us to walk through our day.  Holy Spirit, you are the communicator and the one that helps us "chew on" all that you bring to us.  Thank you for all of those ministering angels that are surrounding us and doing your bidding, Jesus.  Thank you for opening my eyes to "sky sight"!   Amen

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