Monday, October 20, 2014

What happens when you make an "Oops" on your calendar......

I really can't tell you what happened, but I had written down in my "paper" calendar that I had an appointment for my yearly physical today.  So I drove to the clinic, and when I went to check in, they couldn't find my appointment.  When she looked a little further, she discovered that my appointment is NEXT Monday...... not today.  Apparently I wrote it on the wrong day.  OOPS!!!  They offered that I could wait around and they might be able to fit me in....but it might be an hour or so.  Well, I had plenty to do today, so I just chalked this up as a diversion due to my own crazy date keeping and said I'd be back next week. But as I was walking back to my car, I came upon a lady, down on the ground!  There was no one else around and I'm not exactly sure how long she had been there.  I helped her up and she told me that she had hurt her ankle badly - possibly broken in a fall at home yesterday.  She lived alone and had no one to help her get to the doctor. She had managed to drive to the clinic, but had fallen trying to walk in.   I was able to get her up and help her into the clinic.  She was extremely grateful for my help.  So, I know why I made that mistake on my calendar!  To be in the right place at the right time to help Helen into the clinic!  This sure made the start of my day seem a lot better.  Instead of being angry and upset about the date misstep, I was filled with the wonder of God's working that got me to that spot this morning.  Isn't he just an amazing God! I had a really good day and I just had to smile every time I thought about this.  Yes, there are never coincidences, there are only God-incidents!

I just had to share this post from the Elijah List today.


"For He sows seeds of light within His lovers, releasing a harvest in the souls of the righteous. Seeds of joy burst forth for the lovers of God!" - Psalm 97:11 - The Passion Translation

Again, I was taken back to an encounter with the Lion of Judah. He roared upon His people who were tired, weak and feeling dismayed in what else to do to be positioned for long awaited breakthrough.
I saw Him roar again and out of His mouth flew seeds of light that were like balls of fire. These balls entered the hearts of His people and there was a great explosion. I saw within the hearts of people a HARVEST. The unraveling manifestation of His promises. This harvest is bringing much needed healing of the weariness and battle wounds of this season. The "tipping point" of all moments of sowing and believing, the harvest had come. Souls were coming into wholeness.
Peace, and strength, hope, healing and life again. I then saw a second bursting and JOY exploded.
The Lion of Judah has roared and the opposition has been turned and now the harvest is being TURNED TO YOU. Your soul will explode with the harvest of heaven and the Glory of God which will result in unimaginable joy despite circumstances.
What the enemy attempted to take from you, He is returning to you in great harvest, healing and joy.
No longer will His people be bowed down in weariness, hopelessness and despair as they are positioned before Him. He is fighting for them and they will STAND TALL in Him again.
Get ready to spontaneously combust with joy in His Glory!

I just loved this final line....combust with JOY IN  HIS GLORY!  Wow,  Isn't that something to look forward to?  I love all of the "Fire" words that are in this post...explode, burst, roar, combust.  I am going to take lots of time meditating on this post.  And I will be listening to that roar of the Lion of Judah!

So, take a couple of minutes and think about the "God-incidents" that you have experienced.  Celebrate those times!  Then stop and listen for the roar of the Lion of Judah.   And wait for all of those fire words to bring that JOY IN HIS GLORY!

Jesus, thank you for reminding me to quickly this morning, that YOU are ordering my steps.  Thank you for getting me to that parking lot at exactly the right time to help Helen.  And Jesus, please bring rapid healing to her ankle.  Thank you for this post from Elijah List today.  Holy Spirit, help all of us to not only read this word, but to enter into the power of these descriptive words. Thank you for joy!  Amen

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