Thursday, February 18, 2016

Playing in the snow and praying with strangers

Today I did something that I don't remember EVER doing (at least as an adult!)...... I went to a playground and played in the snow!  Or at least the KIDS played in the snow.  I did a lot of watching but also some swing pushing!  Gwen had a meeting later in the day and had planned a "play date" with another home school mom, who also has 4 kids!  We met at the local park in their neighborhood.  There is several inches of snow on the ground and the kids were fully decked out in their "snow gear".  Those 8 kids played together for almost an hour.  It was about 36 degrees out, but there was a bit of a wind.  Not really WARM but also not bitter cold.  It was so fun watching Anna.  She spent most of her time eating the snow.
She did make more than one trip down the very slippery slide after watching the big kids do it.  We all came home with rosy cheeks and it was good for the kids to burn off some of that always inside, winter energy.  I confess that I would not have chosen to spend this hour outside, but I am very glad that I did.  The kids were not the only ones that needed some fresh air!

On the way home I was thinking again, how thankful I am to spend time with my grandchildren.  Over and over they push me out of my comfort zone and bring me into experiences that I would never have without them.  Playing in the snow on a sunny- warmish winter day, would not have been on my agenda. I am convinced that this is the season and time to expect to find yourself in situations that are not "normal" for you.  

Recently I met a young gal at the Sunday night meeting I attend.  After praying for her, I gave her my phone number.  We have had some wonderful conversations since that time.  Stepping out and praying for a stranger and then going a step further to give them your phone number is really out of my comfort zone.  But what a blessing this has been for me.  I have been challenged in discussions on topics that are sometimes difficult.  It has been a faith affirming and uplifting experience.  So I've been asking myself, "why do you hesitate to reach out to strangers?"   

Yes, I was refreshed and energized after my outside playtime today.  And I've been blessed by my new friend.  Not so bad for "out of my comfort zone" experiences.  I don't think I'll be so hesitant to take chances from now on!  You never know when a stranger will become a new friend.  And you never know how much fun a little snow can be!  Trust me!  

Jesus, thank you for another reminder to trust your leading and enjoy every part of each day, even when the circumstances are out of the familiar for us.  Holy Spirit, give us grace to walk out of our comfort zone.  Thank you for kids who remind us to breathe in fresh air and taste the snow!  Amen  

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