Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Changing perspective on the weather.....

We have had some wild weather here in has not been the "warm April" that was predicted.  In fact it has been downright cold.  And snowy. And windy.  And rainy.  Well, you get the idea.  Just awful weather.  We had some really nice weather in March - including the day I took these four cuties to the park for some play time.  
Last Saturday it was snowing.  And I was remembering a long ago day - on the same date - in 1975.  We had a memorable snowstorm that day.  About 12 inches.  I got stuck about half way home and finally got out after about 3 hours.  My dad abandoned his car on the interstate and got a ride to a local hotel.  Ken picked him up around 11:00pm and took him home.  The next day we helped him retrieve his car that had been towed off of the interstate.  It was really warm the next day and the snow mostly melted quickly.  But from that day onward, I have never believed that winter in Chicago is over until the END of April!  Funny how one day's weather can change your perspective, isn't it?

Last Sunday (and it was still cold and VERY windy), we had a family celebration of Ellie's birthday.  Susie and Doug had told Ellie she could choose whatever activity that she wanted and this was her choice..........

She decided that all of us "big girls" (all except Anna) should have a pedicure together!  Doug decided that it would be a great time to take Zeke fishing and Tim and Anna tagged along.  Us girls had a wonderful time and so did the guys!
Zeke caught a fish which truly made his day!  He had the biggest smile when he told us that he had "casted" all by himself and "turned in" the fish (reeled it in)!  And he was also quite pleased that he saw the fish swim away when Uncle Doug put it back in the water.  We finished the day with a very windy and chilly trip to the local ice cream store (again, Ellie's choice).  Even though it was cold outside, it was a heart warming day, being together.  

This week has continued the cold and rainy weather.  Last night there was a very loud thunderstorm.  But in spite of this bad weather, Ken and I are feeling very "sunny" about the coming week.  We are heading out for a much anticipated vacation to a warm, palm tree filled, ocean front get away.  And the anticipation of this event has changed our perspective on the current weather.  Knowing what is right ahead on the horizon makes the dreadfulness of the past weeks weather much more bearable.  

The Bible reminds all of us who believe in Jesus, that there is a wonderful place for us, right ahead on the horizon.  That place is heaven.  All of the dreadfulness of this earthly world should be much more bearable when we remember what is ahead for us.  Jesus promised that there were many rooms in His Father's house and he was going there to prepare a place for us.  The book of Revelation contains a really clear description of heaven.  Unfortunately most of us don't spend much time reading that description because that book is somewhat difficult to understand.  But since I have experienced a change in my perspective on the weather while keeping in mind what is ahead, I think I will be spending time reading this book in the next week.  If all of the current "crud" that is flying around the internet has gotten you down..... if there is anything else that is troubling you and keeping your perspective in a not so good place, join me in reading about the most amazing place that is right on the horizon.  When you learn about the God who created the heavens and the earth, who is the Lord of Lord and the King of Kings, who rules and reigns from that amazing place, I guarantee that your perspective will change!  Happy reading!   

Jesus, thank you for the reminder that heaven is close at hand and it will change our perspective when we remember what is ahead!  Holy Spirit, thank you for helping us when we are feeling overwhelmed and depressed about our current situations by turning our eyes to THE TRUTH - Jesus.   And Jesus, thank you for family times that warm my heart. Amen

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