Wednesday, April 27, 2016

When the door is open..... you go through!

On Monday I happened to catch this picture of Chandler while the girls and I were playing "in the loft" at Gwen's house.  Chandler had made a bed on some blankets that were on the floor, and then had taken advantage of the "Barbie House" and found a ledge to rest his head - the window was open!  I promise you I did not make Chandler do this.... as a matter of fact, I don't think I could have made him if I tried!  Lia first noticed this and pointed it out to me and I snapped this picture.

As I was looking through the pictures on my phone and saw this shot, it reminded me of one of the themes of the recent conference that I attended.  During the worship time, we sang a song about an open door.  Several of the speakers also talked about this being the season of the open door.  When I saw Chandler pushing his head through this "window" it made me think!  Is there an open door (or even an open window) in front of me and am I moving towards it?

This is not an easy question.  There are so many times when you KNOW there is a door in front of you but it seems closed and maybe even locked.  No matter how hard you try to figure out how to get into that place, you just can't seem to make that door budge.  Even if you are really sure that whatever is on the other side of that door is exactly what and/or where you are supposed to be, you can't get there.  So you can turn around and look for another door, or sometimes you just sit down and stubbornly refuse to move away from that door of your own choosing. I know that I have sat for a long, long time in front of some very tightly closed doors.  Thankfully, before very much time has passed, I have noticed other doors and walked through them.  This seems to be one of the times that doors are open in front of us and it is time to move on into new things!

Change is never easy and it is often scary.  Even when the door is wide open you can't see EVERYTHING that is on the other side.  In order to see the entire view you have to walk through the door.  Today at my small group we were talking about this message of the open door.  Most of us have no idea what door is open before us.  A couple of gals have an idea of a direction that they might be going.   As for me, I can't even see a door right now, but because of this message, I will be looking for that open door.   Spring is a great time to looking for new things and new paths to follow.

Isn't it amazing that Jesus helps direct us into the places that we need to be?  Sometimes he helps us along the way through open doors and other times he puts people around us to help guide us.  Even through messages we hear at a conference or a sermon or even a song.  Yes, there is an excitement and great expectation in the air right now.  Jesus is on the move and if you are following Him, you will be on the move also.

One of my favorite quotes from the conference came from Evangelist Dana Morey.
His message was all about faith.  He said that faith and belief have to go hand in hand. Belief is deposited into our spirits when we accept Jesus as our Savior.  Faith is acting out what we believe!  He gave this analogy.......  Belief is the "software" that is downloaded into our spirits.  Faith is opening that software and using the program!  Isn't that amazing!  Walking through those open doors is using that program!  It takes faith!

My encouragement to you today is to look around for that open door in whatever place you find yourself.  If you have been feeling discouraged by a door that just would not open for you, turn around and look for a different door.  If you see the open door but really are not so sure you want to change things right now, I'm right there with you!  But please join me in walking towards that door to investigate what is on the other side.  I am convinced that there are many, many good things in store for all of us in this season.  Walking through the door takes faith.  Faith that there is a plan and purpose for each of us beyond that new door.

Jesus, thank you for all of the open doors.  Holy Spirit help us all to see the doors that you have opened before us and give us the courage and boldness to walk through them.  Thank you for all those who teach, encourage and evangelize for your Kingdom.  Amen

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