Thursday, May 5, 2016

What would you do if you couldn't fail?

What would you do if you were assured that you would succeed?  That is an amazing and thought provoking question.  Over the last week I have been thinking about this and realize how many times the fear of failure has prevented me from doing/going/acting on something that was actually a prompting of the Holy Spirit.  Just imagine how different our world might many inventions that could change our day to day many books available for others to many dances were never many songs were never sang or played.  You get the idea.  This week I saw my grandchildren believe they could make a difference and they proceeded without any fear of failure.

Gwen and Tim have some good friends that they have known since before Lia was born.  They actually met in a young couples group at their church.  All of the gals seemed to be pregnant together and Lia was actually the first of many babies born over the next years to that group of friends.  Kelly and Jim had a sweet baby girl, Sophia, six months after Lia (Lia is going to be 10 soon and Sophia is 9).  Within a year they were given the diagnosis for Sophia of Lissencephaly, a very rare and disabling brain malformation.  Thankfully, Sophia is doing well and now Kelly and Jim are in need of a wheelchair accessible van to transport Sophia.  They have set up a Go Fund Me for Sophia to help raise the much needed support for this van.  This is sweet Sophia and her mom!
I can assure you that this family is deserving and the need is very real for a new vehicle.  This is a much welcome problem since Sophia is growing and needs a bigger wheelchair!  

Now this is what Lia and Ellie did when they heard about this need for Sophia.  Without any prompting from mom or dad (actually both were at work at the time) they decided that they needed to raise money to give to this cause.  At 7 and almost 10 there were not many options for fund raising.  But these sweet and caring kids decided to post signs on their front door, telling Sophia's story and asking for donations.  

This is kids helping kids at the most basic level.  They saw a need and without any thought that they might fail, set about to do their part for their friend.  I don't know about you but I know this made me realize how much more promptly I could respond to the Holy Spirit than I have been.  

What is the Holy Spirit speaking to you about right now?  Do you follow a missionary or other church worker who might need your help?  Is there a shelter or Pregnancy Center in your town that needs donations - or volunteers?  How about your local food pantry.  Not only food donations.... but your time.  Or has sweet Sophia touched your heart?  Donations and prayers are much appreciated.  Kelly is also holding a large garage sale (in the St. Louis area) in the next few weeks to raise money for this cause and I know that prayers would be much appreciated for a successful sale.  

Won't you join me in being more willing to TRY without the fear of failure?  Fear is not from Jesus and failure is just a stepping stone to success.  So lets all be willing to step out as the Holy Spirit leads us!  

Jesus, thank you for the faith and action of children and the example that is to us.  Give us all courage and boldness to step out into new things and along paths that we have not walked before.  Jesus, bless Jim and Kelly and Sophia and Eli.  Continue to guide and protect them as they work towards this goal.  Amen

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  1. I really enjoyed your thoughts on acting without fear. I love how much kids can teach us! Thank you so much for sharing and praying for our fundraising. We have had such amazing support and now praying for good weather! :)