Friday, August 26, 2016

Looking ahead - to this weekend and to the future!

This mess of bags and containers and things is all that I have packed for my scrapbooking weekend!  Every time that I think I am more organized, I look at a picture like this and know that while I might be better than I used to be - I still have a long way to go!  I always look longingly at those pictures of the "perfect craft rooms".  I think about how nice it would be to have a space that looked like those perfectly organized spaces with everything so neatly in place.  But the truth is, if I had a space like that, it would be very difficult to pick up and go off to a weekend away with my scrap buddies!  The way I have my things, it is easy to just pick up and go!  And there is a lot to be said for that.  It may look messy, but I can find everything and MOST times, I don't forget anything that is really important.  The very best part of these times away is the fellowship.  The time to just sit and talk and share with this wonderful group of gals is refreshing and renewing.

I've been thinking about friends a lot this week.  My small group had a great gathering on Wednesday to celebrate a visitor from out of state, as well as a 60th birthday of one of the gals.  It was such a sweet time of fellowship, with prayer and sharing and of course food!  I am so thankful for this group for so many reasons!  The prayer support is just amazing.  Additionally, I just love these wonderful ladies so much.  It is really something to feel such a "kindred spirit" with people who, in so many ways, are nothing at all like yourself!  It is at that point that you say - "It has got to be GOD!"  We have been drawn together by a desire to grow closer to Jesus.  And there is an openness and freedom to share that has built trust among us.  I can honestly say that this group of women have my back.  They don't judge me.  There is acceptance and love.  And true caring and concern.  What a gift!

With my own birthday approaching in a couple of weeks, I've also been thinking about moving into this new stage of life - retirement.  I think that Ken would say that I've been retired for awhile since I haven't had a PAID job for several months.  But the transition into a more REAL retirement is what has been on my mind.  How many commercials do I have to see for Medicare Supplemental Insurance or Life Insurance for "final expenses" before I can scream ENOUGH!  Quite honestly, between the political garbage and these annoying advertisements, I have about had it with TV!  Ken and I have certainly been talking about retirement - we don't have our heads in the sand.  But it has not been an easy topic around our house.  Ken's primary desire is to move AWAY from snow and cold.  My primary desire is to stay right here.  Surrounded by our children and grandchildren.  AND my good friends.  While this argument has been going on for many years, we are no closer to a solution to this problem.  I truly believe that this is my biggest concern right now, because there doesn't seem to be a logical answer to this situation.  And I have to remind myself that Jesus is in control of the future.  I just did a blog about NOT worrying about tomorrow.  So I will make a choice to not dwell on the seemingly unsolvable dilemma regarding our retirement. And I will celebrate today.

I have heard that you can always tell what is most important to someone by looking at where they spend their time and what the focus of their life is all about.  For some people it might be their work or their career.  For others it might be sports or a hobby.  Or it might be exercise or fitness that commands all of your "spare time".  For me, it is most certainly my faith, my family and my friends!  This is certainly what these blogs are all about.   Every way that I spend my time has some connection to those three things.  There is such a strength in knowing that!   For me, the best part of my weekend away preserving pictures in albums, is that there is a total overlap of these three!  FAITH - FAMILY- FRIENDS!

It is interesting how each persons story is filled with those "important" things in their life.  For some people their "glory days" were the time they spent in college.  Or for some it might be when they are at the very height of their careers.  I've been thinking about what my "story" would look like if I had to make it short and simple.  This thought has actually stopped me in my tracks (so to speak) and I have been sitting here at the keyboard just lost in thought.  And yes, it always come back to those three things.....Faith - Family and Friends!  I guess that is the topic for another blog!

So yes, I am looking ahead to this fun weekend away with family and friends, doing something that I just love - scrapbooking!  And I will be reminding myself that today has enough cares of its own and I don't need to worry about tomorrow.  My encouragement and wish for you all is that you can find a time to spend on what is most important to you!  Meet up with that friend.  Go visit that family member you haven''t seen in so long.  Take a few minutes to walk by yourself in the woods.  Look up at the sky.  Look down at the flowers.  Stop and be thankful for today.  It is a sure cure for worry!

Jesus, thank you for the reminder to us all that we need to step out of the routines of life and find joy in our world.  Holy Spirit, help us all to look around and be thankful for the small things.  Keep our focus on what is really important and help us to renew our thinking!  Thank you Jesus for the reminder of what is really important to me!   Amen

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  1. Have a wonderful weekend Lyn, some of my favorite memories, apart from warm family memories through the years was my retreats with Christian women in Lake Geneva, WI, our church denomination's campground Covenant Harbor. Nothing compares with fellowship among Christians. I can identify with senior years and "moving"- we were thrust into that stage with Scott's job loss over 3 years ago- and we decided to move near my mom in FL to spend her last years with her- and so glad we did- but it came at great sacrafice with leaving my 32 year Bible study group, my adoption group and ministry and most importantly my kids- Ouch! Hardest thing I have ever done- but God sustained me and now that my mom passed to heaven, and we are "retiring" August 31, we may consider moving near our kids- I trust God again for his leading but as an adoptee I always long for roots not wings. Thanks for sharing- it prompted alot of encouragement that I have not been alone in my journey these years weaning from Face-to-Face time with my kids.