Friday, November 18, 2016

Sometimes it's about others and sometimes it's about yourself!

 This week was the collection week for the Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes,  I have had my boxes mostly ready to go for more than a week, but it is always exciting to actually pass them off at a collection sight.  I went to a different place this year so it will be interesting to see exactly where these boxes get sent.  Thanks to advanced technology, you can track your boxes and find out exactly where they were sent.  Isn't that simply amazing?  Since these gifts were created in honor of our little Lucas, these are for two to four year boys.  I love to imagine the looks on their faces as they open up these boxes and discover new and wonderful things that they might never have seen before.  Most of all, I covered these boxes in prayer.  Prayers that the children and their families would be blessed and come to know about Jesus.  Knowing how little most of these children have, it sure causes you to be extra grateful for all the blessings of each day.    This was a great way to spend some time thinking about others and spreading a bit of love around the world.

Then today, I am doing something that is really about myself!  Yes, it is another scrapbooking weekend.   I suppose that sounds a bit selfish, but all of us need time out of our usual routines.  We need time to indulge in creative endeavors that fill us with joy and happiness.  It is time to recharge our batteries.  For me the best part of these weekends away is time with my daughter and daughter-in-law.  I don't take this lightly!  There are many of my friends who would love to be able to spend this kind of concentrated time with their kids.  Just the fellowship time is wonderful.  
This group of scrapbooker gals and I have used this same location for several years.  This weekend will be a bit unusual though since the hotel is undergoing renovations!  There is construction in the entire lobby area and many roped off areas.  But, to tell you the truth, we simply do not care!!  None of this makes any difference to us at all.  We are really just in our own little world and not in tune with much going on around us.  It's good to be in that little bubble.

Yes, this has been a bit of a week of extremes. Thinking about others and planning for this getaway for me!   I have also been doing a bit of deep cleaning of my home, including cleaning the carpet!  Let me tell you it is a really good feeling to see all of the very dirty water go down the drain.  It makes you wonder why you didn't clean the rug sooner!  It feels so good when everything is spotless and fresh after all the hard work of actually doing the cleaning.  And then I get here to this great get away and they are doing more than cleaning.  They are remodeling and upgrading and improving.
The process isn't so great. I am sure the end result will be wonderful.

So here is my take away on this mish/mash of stuff!  There needs to be balance in all things.  Sometimes about others and sometimes for yourself.  And along the way it is really good to stop and  take a moment to clean things up.  Or even start to remodel and/or upgrade.  And the final result is really good!  I am really liking this week.  Boxes sent off and scrapbooking begun.

 I am going to sound a bit like a broken record - since I ended my last blog with this thought.  This balance thing is really all about love.  When we love Jesus with our whole heart, soul and mind, it is easier to have balance in our life.  That balance lets us do things for others, fulfilling the command to love our neighbor as ourselves. Yes, there it is!  We are to love ourselves!  It is good to find this balance -- especially when it comes with a side of scrapbooking!

Jesus, thank you for the opportunity to share your love with the world through these simple shoe boxes.  Holy Spirit, help us to remember that balance is what we should all strive for in all areas of our life.  Thank you Jesus for time away with family and friends.  Thank you for laughter and joy.  Amen

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