Tuesday, November 29, 2016

When a small project becomes more than you counted on...

After a busy couple of days enjoying Thanksgiving with the kids and the shopping, Saturday started out quietly.  As a matter of fact, Ken and I actually "slept in" and didn't get up until after 8:00am!  That is quite amazing for us.  After enjoying a leisurely breakfast, Ken announced that he wanted to make one stop - to get a new kitchen faucet.  Our faucet has been leaking for some time now.  If you happened to move it in one particular spot, you might get a spray of water misting over you.   I usually managed to avoid that exact spot.  But Ken was ready to stop the madness of the water in the face when you wanted the water in the glass!  So it was off to the home improvement store for us.

I wish that was the end of the story, but alas, it was only the beginning of a very, VERY long story.
We started off at one "big box store" and decided that every faucet they had seemed over priced.  So we headed to store number two.  While at that store, we discussed that just a few weeks ago we had wanted to install an under the sink water purification system but could not do that with our present sink!  (The need for that system was our new refrigerator which did NOT have the water dispenser - sadly).  We talked with one person that said that it was possible to drill a hole in a stainless steel sink but you needed a special drill and special tools to do the job.  Considering the cost of that stuff, I suggested that we just buy a new sink.  Ours is almost 40 years old and more than worn out.  So we detoured from the faucets to the sinks.  We found a sink that was CLOSE to our present sink in size - but all of the newer sinks are deeper by two inches.  So of course that complicates the change over.
After purchasing the sink, the faucet and the water filter and all the supplies that we thought we needed, we returned home.

I will stop right here and just add this...... every plumbing job ever done by a homeowner will require multiple trips to the store for some reason.  This job was not different.  After more trips than I can count, somewhere around 11:00pm, the new sink was finally in place.
Yes, that is still a 40 year old counter and 40 year old cupboards - but the sink and faucet are new!
One step at a time!  And I am very thankful that Ken can do these projects and save many, many dollars on plumbers fees.  

But isn't it funny that sometimes a little thing becomes a really big deal?  This has happened so many times to me.  You start out thinking that you are just going to clean off that one shelf that is bothering you and you end up with the entire cabinet on the ground and an entire days worth of work.  The end result is always good and very satisfying, but the process is less than wonderful.  I remember how my mom would always cringe when my dad decided to clean out the closets.  This would mean that every item was taken out of the closet and there would be a giant mess.  Eventually things would get organized and put back, but the process was long and complicated.  

Recently I have been doing a bit of "clean up" on some issues that have been on my mind for some time.  Nothing really big - just little stuff that hangs around and keeps my mind going in circles.  I'm sure that each of you can bring to mind your own little bothersome thoughts that trouble you.  Sometimes it is things from your past.  Or things that didn't work out as you had hoped.  I call these things the "SHOULD HAVES" the  "WHAT IFS" and the "WHYS".  What I discovered over the last few weeks is that the more I tried to get rid of these thoughts, the more I was thinking about them!  
Suddenly this seemingly small project became a BIG thing that almost seemed impossible to deal with.  I made the mistake of giving time and energy to things that were not good.  I was reminded of Phillippians 4:8  (The Passion Translation)
So keep your thoughts continually fixed on all that is authentic and real, honorable and admirable, beautiful and respectful, pure and holy, merciful and kind. And fasten your thoughts on every glorious work of God, praising him always.

So I stopped thinking about these silly, untrue thoughts and ideas and turned my focus to Jesus.  There was a refreshing and renewing that happened in that process.  I discovered that I was able to let go of the these "thought stealers" simply by filling my mind with the truth.  I know that this sounds like a very simplistic thing, but for me it was really a BIG DEAL!  I am so thankful that, in the process, Jesus was able to direct me to the answer to this growing issue that had begun to consume me.  I remember hearing that satan works the hardest to get us focused on the small things.  Because when we focus on these small untruths, we lose sight of the truth.  The BIG truth.  Jesus.  

 Jesus, thank you for the reminder that you will keep us on track when we turn small things into big projects.  Thank you for helping us walk through home improvements - even when they become more than we expected.  Holy Spirit, remind us all of Scripture that will keep us from the plans of the enemy.  Thank you for your love and your guidance.  Amen

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