Friday, December 2, 2016

A candy memory - when you just need something sweet!

While walking through the home improvement store, on one of our many, many visits there over the last week, I saw a bag of this candy.  I just had to have it.  Nothing says Christmas to me as much as this ribbon candy.  My mom always had some of this candy at Christmas time.  I know that it is pure sugar - but really!  Christmas is just once a year!  And you can't really eat a whole lot of this stuff since it takes a long time to eat one piece.  So now this candy is in a bowl on my coffee table.  Just where it belongs!   And yes, I really did need a bit of this sweetness!  Here's why.....

Just when you think you are done with the DIY stuff, something else happens.  So Tuesday evening, Ken and were admiring the new sink, faucet and water dispenser, at the same time I was microwaving a small snack.  I managed to get the snack INTO the microwave and heat it up, but then the door wouldn't open.  Now we have needed a new microwave for some time.   But, like so many things, we have been putting it off.  Last weekend during our search for a new sink, we actually bought a microwave on a great "black Friday" sale!  We had thought we would just store it in the garage until some point when we could get around to installing it.  I guess there was a bigger plan than we knew at the time, since just 4 days later, our microwave stops working.  Now the thing is, we didn't just purchase a regular microwave.  This is an "Over the Range" unit.  And we have not had this kind before.  So, sadly for Ken, it was another project  that really couldn't wait.  It didn't take me long to realize that more than 50% of what I cook is made in the microwave.  It was a bit of an issue for me!  
Ken watched some YouTube videos on the installation process and decided we should ask for some help from "the boys" (think Tim and Doug).  Doug is much closer and more available, so we called on him.  He was more than willing to come and help us over the weekend.  So Ken started to "prepare" to install the new unit.  First of all, the vent hood had to go.  This was really not that big of a deal, but boy was it dirty!  Then we realized that the ceramic tile backsplash that we had installed 38 years ago needed to come off where the microwave would be.  This was an interesting job that Ken managed to accomplish really quickly.  I wouldn't have had the least idea how to do it.   Of course we needed to make a trip to the hardware store to get supplies.  And I figured that there would be at least one more trip after that.  When all was said and done, Ken and I managed to get the unit installed - without any assistance.  It was another one of those "I can't believe I just did that" moments for me!  But here it is.... mostly installed!
One thing is certain, Ken is really ready to be done with these projects for awhile!  So lets pray that nothing else stops working around our least until after Christmas.

I think it is interesting that we have had had this run of projects around the house in the last month.  One of the things that I have been hearing for 2017 is that this is going to be a "reset" year.  Not only because of the change in our political arena, but everywhere!  I have been sensing that the months ahead will be a time to look at everything in our life and evaluate and sift through it all.  It just feels like a time to "clean house" and "update"!   And organize.  I have been wondering what that might look like for my own life, and haven't really had a good picture of what it might mean.  But in thinking about our recent DIY stuff, a good refresh around the house would be nice!  On a spiritual level it is always good to take time each year to consider if changes need to be made.  This might be changes to your devotional time, your relationships, your areas of service.  Well, you get the idea.  
It really feels like there will be some new and exciting opportunities in 2017.  

It is good to feel excited and optimistic about what is ahead.  Last year at this time, it felt very heavy and very scary.  There was so much darkness surrounding the entire year of 2016.  I am so thankful that it is ending on a positive note and everything seems brighter and lighter for the year ahead.
During a recent prayer time at my small group, one of the gals prayed a single word for me - CONTINUE!  Just continue. She had no idea what it might mean.   You might think that seems strange, but to me it was very significant.  I have a couple of projects right now (one of which is this blog) and I was considering whether or not I should press on with these things.  And then there was this very powerful word of encouragement.  Just when I needed it.  So, yes.  I will continue on.  One word is just enough!

Jesus, thank you for knowing exactly what we need, when we need it.  Even prompting us to buy a microwave BEFORE we needed it!  And then giving encouragement through a single word.  Holy Spirit, help us all to embrace what you have in store for us in 2017.  Bring hope and joy and peace to all of us in this Christmas Season.  Help us to follow your lead as we walk into the new year.  Thank you for tastes of sweetness, just when we need them.  Amen

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