Friday, March 3, 2017

Sometimes you just have one of those days......

I started off my day seeing this graphic.  I really thought about it for some time.  Isn't it true?  Don't we all have people that we know (or family members) that always seem to have drama following them around?  I loved the positive take on all that drama..... just don't "attend the performance"!  Yes, this is a piece of advise that I will be reminding myself to put into action!

But, alas, then my day sort of took a turn for the worse.  And I don't mean to be one of those "drama fueled people".  And this really isn't truly DRAMA!   In fact, it is just what happens sometimes when you have one of those days.  I started a load of laundry and was going about my business, when I heard an unfamiliar little "song".   For anyone who doesn't have one of the new fangled HE washers and dryers, you don't get a sharp BUZZ when the cycle is finished.  Instead, some engineer someplace decided that it would be nicer to have a little tune play.   I couldn't resist..... here is link to the end of cycle song. I am used to that familiar signal that my load of laundry is finished.  But today I heard a much different sound and there it was...... a dreaded "code" on the display.  After several internet searches and several text messages back and forth with my son-in-law, it became clear that a repair was needed.  So, after finding places to hang my damp laundry all over my house, I managed to arrange for the parts to be ordered and the repair to be done next week.  It was not how I had planned to spend the morning.

I headed out to the grocery store for my weekly shopping trip.  Back at home, as I was unloading the groceries and putting everything away, I noticed an "unpleasant" odor from my kitchen sink.  There were a couple of dishes waiting to be loaded into the dishwasher.  Thinking that might be the odor problem, I quickly got the dishwasher ready to run.  When I reached under the sink for the dishwasher soap, I found the source of the very bad smell!  The cabinet was flooded and it was clear that the garbage disposal was leaking everywhere.  So, out came everything from that cabinet, a very smelling mess was cleared up, and my afternoon was over.  As a side note, it is very difficult to clean up a stinky mess when you can't use your kitchen sink.  Something I hadn't really considered when I started the job.

I was not looking forward to springing the news of the day on Ken when he got home from work.  I decided to take the bad news/good news approach.  Yes, the washer/dryer was broken....but the good news was, I had already arranged for the parts and the repair!  There was nothing that Ken needed to do with this.  But then I had to spill the bad news (which did not have a good news bit to add to it) about the garbage disposal.  Needless to say, replacing the garbage disposal was not on Ken's list of items to do tomorrow.  But, in spite of muttering (under his breath) "I hate plumbing!,  a new disposal is purchased and ready to be installed tomorrow.

This morning, just before I saw the quote that begins this blog, I was reading a really amazing post by a young guy, that is a missionary in New York City.  Yes, a missionary in New York.  His name is Josh MacDonald.
But this guy is much more than you might expect.  While there is a formal ministry center that he works from, his true work happens every day, right on the streets where he and his family live.  Here is his post from this morning....

Had a great talk with my uber driver Ivan on my way to the airport this morning. Ivan moved to NYC from Egypt eight years ago and is a devout Muslim. We spent 40 minutes talking about the difference between the god of Islam that doesn't relate to his people versus The Father who wants to have real communion and relationship with His people. We talked about Isis and I proved to him that in his own Koran it is actually biblical and scriptural for them to commit these acts for Allah. By the end of our ride he was definitely challenged about his belief system as well as puzzled by the idea that we as Christians have full assurance that we will make it into heaven. Turns out he is actually my neighbor!!! Take a moment and stop right now and say a 15 second prayer for Ivan to encounter Jesus!

I am so in awe of the work that he does for Jesus.  Just going about his day to day life with his wife and two children.  This post is just one example of the impact that he is making in a very difficult place.  I am so thankful that I was reminded this morning, that in spite of my day, I can join with Josh and pray for Ivan.

And that put my entire day into perspective. I started out the day with the message to use wisdom to avoid being drawn into other people's drama.  Things in my own day went awry.  But then I remembered Josh and Ivan the uber driver.  And my day was suddenly much brighter.  Even in my mixed up day, I could pray for Ivan.  In thinking back on my day, it seems very.......mundane really.  Yes, it WAS one of those days when things just didn't go exactly the way I had planned.  There were some challenges, there will be some financial expense around these things, and some time was spent on things that were not planned.  But it wasn't really that bad in the greater scheme of things.  And nothing in my day prevented me from joining with Josh to seek change in someone's life.

Yes, I needed that reminder today.  No matter what is happening around us.  No matter what drama might be swirling from someone else.  No matter how many things fall apart in your day.  No matter what.  Jesus is always there.  And he is ready to hear our prayers.  What a comfort and peace that is.  It was much needed today.

Jesus, thank you for giving me exactly the right messages to begin my day.  Thank you for Josh Macdonald and his boldness and courage to share your love with the world around him.  Bless his work and his family.  Holy Spirit, remind us all that we can always, always, pray.  No matter what the situation is.  No matter what.  Thank you Jesus for Ivan, the uber driver.  Pour out your love on him.  Amen

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