Saturday, May 25, 2013

One Liners

NOTE - I am extremely convinced that this post needs to happen today!  I have typed this three times and each time it has "vanished" from my computer screen.  I will be saving this over and over as I type so that I don't lose it again! 

I have been writing in journals for the last 24 years.  I have boxes and boxes of notebooks filled with my thoughts, emotions, prayers and answers to prayers as well as words from Yahweh.  Tonight I happened to find a stray journal and it fell open to a page of "one liners".  These one sentence thoughts that had no lead in, no explanation.  As I read through them, they all spoke to me for today. 
So here they are....

*You are the solution to someones problem
*The need to be approved by people or the church can rob us our position with Yahweh.
*If you try to "fit in " you will fail.
*We need to go the position of our destiny and Yahweh will do the rest.
*Our heart has a brain that imagines.
*Accept Yahweh's direction even when it is contrary to your normal ideas and thoughts.
*Expect miraculous results.
*Yahweh wants to provide an abundance not a minimum or just enough.
*Worship bring surrender.
*The highest position you can ever hold is Yahweh's child.
*Don't be worldly or you will lose your destiny.
*Each day report to the heavenly office and ask for your duties for that day.
*Yahweh has a will do list for you to replace your to do list.
*When people are speaking death to your vision hold up your promises and say no to the people.
*Jesus is about the restoration of all creation.
*Yahweh has deep emotion for all of us -He longs for us to be who He wants us to be.
*Chew on a word from Yahweh - meditate on it, digest it, and then give it out.
*Don't respond to the needs of people, respond to what Yahweh is saying and doing.
*Jesus knew that the cross was not the end - it was just the vehicle to get to the end.
*See the Lamb (get revelation every day) and See the Land (hang on to the vision and promises of Yahweh)

I am so thankful for my journals.  If you don't take the time to write down your thoughts each day, you will lose them.  (And if you don't save your blog post, you will lose it also!) Over and over I have been amazed at the insight I have gained just by looking back at my journals.  So pick up a pen and find some paper and start writing!  Be blessed! 

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