Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Thunder, Lightning, and shofar blasts

Last night there was a dozy of a storm.  The entire building at the Cyrus Ministries Big Rock facility was shaking as the thunder roared (with the added vibration of a passing freight train!).  The lightning was just flashing all over the sky.  And during worship I heard the blast of a shofar.  Now, I confess, that I am more apt to SEE something unusual during worship, but last night I heard that shofar blast.  And that reminded me.......

One night last week I had my sleep interrupted three different times when I was sure that there was a shofar blast!  I have learned that when something like this happens, it is best to take time to stop and ask Yahweh for an explanation.  I was awake for quite some time, but did not have any clear answer.  Just after I got up early the next morning, I heard "the three shofar blasts were three walls broken and three gates opened" 

Okay - this is an exciting word!  I could imagine some walls that I have been facing just crumbling.  I was thinking about Joshua and the walls of Jericho.  But what were these opened gates?

Then several hours later, just going about my daily routine, and continuing to ponder those shofar blasts, I heard Yahweh's explanation.....

     Wall of hopelessness and despair broken and gate of joy and peace opened!
     Wall of disease and infirmity broken and gate of health and healing opened!
     Wall of disappointment & discouragement broken and gate of provision & opportunity opened!

Last night when that shofar sounded, Yahweh was sending forth His power and doing battle in the heavenly realm FOR US!   At those times when we are so tired, so hopeless and so beaten down, HE is sending forth his angels to break down those walls.  When we are sick and hurting, HE has opened the gate of restored health for us.  No matter what our current situation is - how bleak things may look, HE has not only provision but opportunities for us. 

What a comforting thought. I am so glad that I am not responsible for all the spiritual warfare.   It's great to be reminded that Yahweh wants to breakthrough even the nasty, tough areas of my life.  And His plan for me includes everything that is needed and the place to complete it. 

Tonight I am very thankful - thankful for safe travel home during that nasty storm last night.  And thankful for a deeper revelation of Yahweh.  I am also thankful that I am going deeper in "getting" who Jesus is!

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