Thursday, March 24, 2016

Closer to Jesus............

I love when my last blog just feeds right into the next one!  Tonight I had the great honor and privilege to hear this wonderful young lady (my sweet Lia) proclaim to her church family her faith and trust in Jesus.  Then she joined God's family in that very special meal - Holy Communion.  When her Pastor asked her why she wanted to commune she wisely answered "to be closer to Jesus".  WOW!  What a night!    This was not a "traditional" Maundy Thursday service.  Their church has their fellowship area filled with tables and chairs set with fresh baked loafs of bread and carafes of wine.  Everyone gathers together around those tables and the Pastor retells this important story.  One of the most interesting things that Pr. Dave shared tonight was the meaning of the word "Maundy".  It actually comes from a Latin word that means mandate or command.  Jesus told his disciples that he was giving them a new covenant along with this powerful way that we can "be closer to Jesus"!   The oldest person at each table (which happened to be me at our table) broke the bread and served it around the table and then poured the wine and served it.  We all communed together.  Then the bread and grapes (and grape juice) on the table were shared by everyone!  There was lots of fellowship and lots of love.  I confess that I couldn't take my eyes off of Lia!  I was thinking about my last blog about a legacy of love.  I felt as if I was seeing a part of my legacy right in front of me.  Here was my granddaughter proudly proclaiming her love for Jesus!  And more than that, her desire to get closer to Him.  Yes, I feel so very blessed.  

A couple of days ago I shared this post on Facebook from The Passion Translation........

I hear His whisper..."Listen to Me"
In the silence I will speak to you. Each morning come and sit at My feet and learn from the wisdom of eternity. I will speak. I will whisper to your soul. It is time for you to hear Me clearly each day. The assignments I give to you will be pleasant and rewarding. The task I set before you each day will bring sweetness to your soul. Others will begin to take note, that you have been with Me.

In the evening hours come to Me and I will whisper My living words into your spirit. I will make your night season a time of encounter as My Spirit comes to bring you heaven's grace and the dew of My presence. Listen carefully, as a lover listens to every word of the Beloved-- listen to Me and you will hear My voice. I will touch your ears and open them as one who is being taught. You will learn My ways as you listen to My voice.

I love to speak with you, to talk to you and share My heart with you. I have many who say they follow Me but never still their souls to listen to My voice. I am a Shepherd who goes before My sheep calling them by name, caring for them in love, and leading them into My ways. You will find that I have ears for your voice, I listen to you as you speak with Me, now come and listen to My whisper each day and know that I am your God.

Proverbs 8:5-12 The Passion Translation 

"Listen to Me
And you will be prudent and wise. 
For even the foolish and feeble
Can receive an understanding heart 
That will change their inner being.
The meaning of my words 
Will release within you
Revelation for you to reign in life. 
My lyrics will empower you
To live by what is right.
For everything I say is unquestionably true;
And I refuse to endure the lies of lawlessness— 
My words will never lead you astray. 
All the declarations of my mouth can be trusted; 
They contain no twisted logic
Or perversion of the truth.
All My words are clear and straightforward 
To all who possess spiritual understanding. 
If you have an open mind
You’ll receive revelation-knowledge. 
My wise correction is
More valuable than silver or gold. 
The finest gold is nothing compared
To the revelation-knowledge I can impart. 
Wisdom is so priceless
That it exceeds the value than any jewel. 
Nothing you could wish for can equal her.
For I am Wisdom, and I am shrewd and intelligent. 
I have at My disposal living-understanding
To devise a plan for your life.

So I have been thinking about drawing closer to Jesus by listening to Him.  And I love the last line of this passage........ Jesus has at His disposal a plan for my life.  He has a plan for Lia's life also... and a plan for you!  I am so thankful tonight that the plan for my life included being with Lia when she made this life changing step to grow closer to Jesus.    

Jesus, thank you for your mandate to love each other.  You are love and you share that with us through this amazing meal.  Holy Spirit remind us to be still and hear from you each day.  Thank you for special times that help us to see your working in our family.  Thank you for days of remembrance!  Amen

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