Friday, June 24, 2016

Painting a new picture......a new way!

One of the special presents that Gwen left for the kids, were these really amazing "paint" sticks.  They are actually solid tempra paints in a push up tube.  They work sort of like markers, but they look like paint on the paper.  And they dry quickly!  Needless to say, Anna loved them.  So did all the other kids!  During the week, we did lots of painting.  Finger painting, water color painting, special paint brush paints, paint stick paints, these dry paint sticks, and face paints....I'm sure that I am forgetting some.  These kids love to paint!

It is interesting watching a two year old paint.  They start with blank paper and then make a total "mess" and when they are done, they are so proud of their painting!  They don't think that they have to paint a certain way.  They just put color on the page.  It is a delightful thing to watch.

I've been thinking about how many times I force myself to "color inside the lines" or only worse yet, I don't even pick up that paint brush because I am afraid of what others think.  This fear of man is sometimes just so powerful.  Fear is an interesting thing.  Even when you know that you don't need to FEAR, sometimes it still changes how you act.  There is so much fear on the internet these days.  It is everywhere.  People are fearful of terrorists.  They are afraid about what is happening to our country.  They are afraid to be judged as intolerant.  Yet, those who are judging are often the ones who are being intolerant of those with conservative beliefs.  I can't tell you how often I hesitate to post one of these blog posts because I am suddenly hit with fear about what people might think and/or say about the views I have expressed.  Isn't that silly?  I don't really know most of you that read this live all over the world.  Yet, I know that if you have been drawn to read these posts, there is a reason.  And I am determined to share whatever Jesus gives me to share and to trust that the Holy Spirit will bring these words to whoever needs to read them. But I also want to be clear that it is not always easy.

So my encouragement to you today is to color those pictures.  Don't worry so much about what other people will think about you or your painting.  Listen to the prompting of the Holy Spirit and take those sometimes difficult steps to walk out your life picture whatever that looks like.  All through out scripture we are not be afraid or not fear....  Now more than ever we just need to press on and not give in to fear.  Fear is from the enemy and not from God.  I don't think there is any more important message that I can give than that.  The devil is the author and instigator of fear and terror.   God is love and peace and joy.   There you go.  That is my thought for today!  

Jesus, thank you for reminding me that fear does not come from you.  Holy Spirit help us all to have the courage and boldness to go and to say and to paint all the pictures that you give to us.  Protect us from the overwhelming fear that surrounds us in the world today.  Jesus, help us to show the world who you are through our lives.  Let there be love and peace and joy in our hearts today.  Amen

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