Monday, September 5, 2016

What a great day!

 Do you ever have one of those days when you just think - "Wow, this was a great day"?  Today was one of those amazing wonderful days for me.  Our family gathered together to celebrate my birthday (which is actually tomorrow).  I love this picture of Ken and I with the grandkids.  Even though it was really hot and humid, we spent a bit of time outside so that the kids could run off some energy.  They managed to find a frisbee in the box of toys, so we watched a rousing game of frisbee toss!  
Then we posed for these pictures.  I love this shot of the "BOYS"!
 And this one of the girls - and given it is my birthday - I use the term "girls" very loosely!
We didn't do anything fancy.  Doug handled the grilling of the burgers and hotdogs.  We had chips and fruit.  Really nothing big.  The best part of the eating was dessert! The cookies that Susie brought (oatmeal raisin - my favorites) and my birthday cake, made by Lia!  I love this 7-Up cake and she has been working on baking this all by herself!
One of the most memorable parts of the day was watching the kids look at the scrapbooks that I take so much time to create. It was so great to see them look at album after album.  It makes me so happy that I have these on a bookshelf,, all set to be enjoyed.  Yes, it was a great way to celebrate another year.  

I listened to a really interesting message last night.   It was actually the speakers birthday and he was sharing some thoughts about that.  Needless to say, this really resonated with me, since this is my birthday week also.   Some things that were included in his message have been my mind today.
First, our births are a part of the master plan of God.  It was His plan that I would be 62 years old tomorrow.  He has specific purposes for each of us that relate to the time period we are born into.  
Doesn't that give you cause to stop and think?  I guess that since this blog is the path that I seem to be on, it makes sense that I would need to be alive NOW when the internet and blogging exist.  It really doesn't seem possible that this computer stuff is very new and really hasn't been around all that long.  
Another thing that was shared in the message last night is the interesting connection to the Jewish New Year for people born in September.  In the Hebrew Calendar this is a month of looking ahead to the New Year.   So, for all of us born in September, this is the perfect time to reevaluate where we are and what we are doing.  Sort of like making "New Years Resolutions" but not for January 1!  In the past, I have sometimes thought about goals for the next year.  But I don't think I have ever really thought about them as plans for a new year.  I think that I will be working on a list for my new year!

Yes, today was a good day.  Ken and I were really appreciating the day today because our day yesterday was NOT so good.  A simple routine changing the furnace filter, ended up causing the furnace to lose all power!  I am so thankful that Ken is really an amazing "handyman" and he jumped right in to figure out this problem and then fix it.  The temperatures were climbing yesterday and the thought of no air conditioning today for our gathering, was not good!  It took him several hours and several trips to the store, but by bedtime last night, we had a much cooler house!  We were imagining just how much  money he saved us on this repair.  Let's see..... a Sunday night, on a holiday weekend.  That would have been a really big bill!   Isn't it amazing how Jesus provides in all things?  

Today was truly a wonderful birthday celebration.  I am so blessed and feel so loved.  How thankful I am for Ken and my children and grandchildren.  I have a great home (that is nicely cool today) and good food to eat.  I don't take any of this for granted.  It is all a gift from Jesus.  Not just on my birthday but every day of the year. 

Jesus, you are so good to us.  Your plans for us include good times with our families.  Holy Spirit, remind us how very blessed we are and help us to remember those who are less fortunate.  Give us grace to know how and when to reach out and share with others.  Thank you for wisdom to fix broken furnaces and time to laugh together.  Help us all to consider our plans for the futures.  Amen

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