Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Keeping my mind where it belongs......

I was skimming through my Facebook feed this afternoon and came across a picture one of my Facebook friends had shared. It was a picture that included my dear friend LeeAnn, who died in 2000.   I spent a few minutes looking at that photo and then I retreated to my favorite chair in my scrapbook room.  I glanced up at the wall and there was this framed verse.  It is actually a "Manuscripture" that was hand drawn.  LeeAnn actually gifted this to me in 1992 and it has a handwritten note from her on the back of the frame.  What a powerful and important gift that personal note is to me.  This is LeeAnn and I from sometime in 1985.  LeeAnn knew that I really needed peace during that time and she was there to direct me to the source of perfect peace!
As I was looking for this picture I found several dozen pictures of us with our kids.  Her oldest was just a bit older than Gwen and we were pregnant together with our second kids.  We had "opposite" gender kids, but that didn't stop the four of them from having a wonderful time together.  I know that somewhere (I couldn't find the exact picture) I have a photo of Gwen and LeeAnn's daughter MollyAnn playing dolls together.  We took side by side photos of Molly and Doug (they were three months apart).  As the kids grew up, we saw less and less of each other - especially after she moved about 20 minutes away.  But we still got together for very early morning coffee and chats or whenever we could manage a few minutes away from our responsibilities.  

Have you ever met someone and just "KNOWN" that you are supposed to be friends?  It was that way with LeeAnn and I.  She came to my house looking for daycare for her little boy for just a couple hours a few times a week.  When she sat down at my kitchen table and we began to visit, I knew that she was from somewhere close to Minnesota.  I could recognize her "accent"!  She was so surprised that I knew that and then that I even was familiar with her home (which was actually in North Dakota not very far from my family home on Lake Maud.)  From that first visit, we just got each other.  She was my support and listening ear during all of Doug's health issues (She was a nurse).   I am so incredibly thankful to have not only this beautiful framed verse, but also LeeAnn's words to me.  

Isn't it interesting how something like this can make such a difference to someone?  It is not only the "Big Name" and "Well Known" people that can make an impact on others.  Last night I heard a message that has been on my heart all day today.  It was a reminder that while the largest bone in our body is very important (it is the femur - the thigh bone) because it carries all of our weight, the smallest bone in our body is also very important.  The smallest bone is the stapes.  It is in our inner ear and is essential to our hearing and balance.  Because we are identified at the "body of Christ", we know that every part of that body plays an important role.  The message last night was to remember this important fact......  

If you feel like you are small and unnoticed and even feel like you are in a dark place...remember the stapes.  The smallest bone is just as important as the largest bone.  In fact, that stapes represents our ability to hear.  We know that " comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the Word of Christ" (Romans 10:17)  A very important part of the body indeed!  So don't lament that your place is not one of notice and acclaim.  Those places actually carry a lot of weight, which is not easy.  Rejoice that your place is tiny and that your influence seems small.  God has so much more for those of us "small ones"!  We just need to keep our minds on WHO is important!  And then we will hear his voice clearly and can have a great influence on those around us.  

Yes, I was reminded today to share my heart in writing to those special ones around me.  LeeAnn had no idea that I would see this frame 16 years after her death and remember her influence on my life.  She was just following her heart to give and bless others.  I am so thankful that Jesus puts people in our life that give us a chance to share the amazing Good News.  I will not let any more days go by without sharing!  Won't you join me and bless someone today.  

Jesus, thank you for friends that enrich our life and show us the way when we can't see.  Thank you for the reminder that size simply doesn't matter.  Neither does our place in the body of Christ.  When we are yours, we matter!  And you love us!  Holy Spirit, nudge us to share with those closest to us.  Give us words and actions that will bring joy and blessing to them.  Amen

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  1. So beautiful Lyn, brought tears to my eyes- LeeAnn, God's cherished daughter and missed by so many- thanks for sharing about the beautiful memories of your sweet friendship with LeeAnn- won't our reunion in heaven be so so special!