Friday, January 13, 2017

A long delayed message......

First at bit of background for this story!  Ken and I both attended the same high school but he graduated a year ahead of me.  That means that we have these 8 yearbooks -1 for 68, 2 for 69, 2 for 70, 2 for 71 and 1 for 72.   We did not date in high school but we did share many friends.  It was actually at a friends house, in the summer after I graduated, that we connected and began to date.  My blog tonight was triggered by one of those many shared friends.

Earlier today I got an email from a company that I have not used recently - Classmates.  I never paid for their sight or really used their sight very much.  But I had registered my name sometime in the early 2000's.  After I started using Facebook, I stopped responding to emails about Classmates and I don't think I ever looked at the sight much after 2005 or 2006.  For some reason, tonight I opened that email and saw that I had 5 unread messages on my personal page.  It was a miracle that I remembered my sign in and password (I guess sometimes it is good to mostly use one or two passwords) and it was a very, very old password.  I got to my page and found these unread messages.   That message really stopped me in my tracks. It was sent to me in July of 2009.  It was from an old friend, Sylvia, who sadly passed away in 2016.

Let me tell you about my friend Sylvia.  I actually met her in 8th grade, shortly after we moved to Elk Grove.  We shared a class and got paired to do a project together.  She invited me to her home to complete that assignment.  We became friends after that and I spent many, many nights at her house during my high school years.  She was an only child and much loved by her parents.  They moved houses between our 8th grade year and the beginning of high school, which actually brought her a bit closer to my house.  It was a really interesting friendship since we really did not have much in common (on the surface).  But I remember laughing and having so much fun whenever I was with her.  Looking back, I am sure that she kind of viewed me as a misfit that needed to be helped out.  Which, in fact was kind of true!  The really interesting thing about this is that Sylvia and Ken went to the same church and were a part of the youth group.  I remember Sylvia bringing me to many youth activities and even a few that were at Ken's house!  She had told me many times that she was interested in dating Ken (he was older than us and drove a convertible - both very important things when you are a teenage girl!)  I however, did not see any reason that Ken would be a good person to date.  I actually only saw her one time after high school. It was Christmas time of 1973 and we happened to be at the local grocery store at the same time.  She was home from college and Ken and I had gotten engaged a few months before.  When she saw my engagement ring she wanted all the details.   I was a bit sheepish when I told her who I was planning to marry!  She exclaimed (with a great deal of drama) "That creep!  Why would you possibly want to marry him!"  Which was the exact things that I had said to her about her crush on Ken.  While we talked about staying in touch, it didn't happen.

Sylvia enlarged my world and brought so many adventures into my life.  I went to many, many parties and dances with her because of all the different people she knew.   We had countless adventures driving around - including changing a flat tire by ourselves!  I am so thankful for her friendship .  The message from Sylvia was an attempt to get back in touch with each other.  She spoke about her children and grandchildren and how much she enjoyed being retired.  She had been invited to the many high school reunions that have been held, but was never able to attend.  I so wish that I had the chance to catch up with her.  And it makes me very thankful for the friends that I have managed to keep in contact - even if it is just Facebook or a Christmas card.

Which brings me to the point of this blog.  Sometimes people are in our life for a season and then they are gone.  Then there are those that you hold close, that stick around.  And there are those that you may not see or speak with often, yet when you do get together, it is as if no time has passed. All those that have touched our life are important. Every friend, every classmate or neighbor, or coworker, leaves an imprint on us.  All to often, we forget just how important these people are to us.  After receiving this long delayed message tonight, especially one that I now can not respond to, I know that it is time to reach out to those dear ones that I have lost touch with.  Unfortunately, my list is long!   Are there those in your life that you have wondered about?  Lost touch with?  Someone who has come into your mind?  Take it from me, don't delay - call, write or message today!

We are a people that need each other.  No man is an island.  All of us thrive on contact and on love.  There is such a lack of love expressed these days.  Lets all share more love today.  Brighten someones day with a smile or a kind word.  Knock on a neighbors door just to say hi.  Don't just think about someone - actually call or write them.  This is a dark time of year.  It is cold and dreary around much of the country.  Let us all brighten it up with an outpouring of love.  When asked what the greatest commandment was Jesus responded...... "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind.  This is the greatest commandment and the second is this - love your neighbor as yourself".  Yes it is time for more connection.  More togetherness.  More love!

Jesus, thank you for bringing this message to me, and the reminder that there are many I need to connect with.  Holy Spirit motivate us to walk in love and express love to all those around us.  Thank you Jesus that your light and your love brighten and empower us all!  Amen

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