Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Connecting a few dots....

After writing last night's blog post, I have been thinking about what might be ahead for me.  Sometimes you have to look behind you to understand where you might be going.  So I started thinking about what has REALLY been on my heart for the last couple of months.  Tonight I have a story to tell you from my past, that might help "connect the dots" and give a clearer picture of my journey to now!

In May of 2008 I was introduced to a couple of ministries that I had not really been following very closely.  There was a conference being held very close to my home with two speakers that I had heard of, but really didn't follow closely.  Those two speakers were Kim Clement and Lance Wallnau.
Lance Wallnau had a unique message that I had only heard pieces of and I was interested to hear more. His message was about the 7 mountains of society and God's plan.

Kim Clement was a prophetic worshiper, evangelist, missionary and pastor.  Until that conference I had only READ his prophetic words.  (Sometimes it is easy to forget how much technology has changed in such a short time.  There were not many videos made and they were not really that accessible in 2008.  There was not Periscope or Facebook live.  Youtube was started in 2005, but not many people used it. So keep that in mind)   I would get words that Kim had spoken from several months before.  And, as it is with all of us, no human is perfect and there is no perfect prophetic voice.  But many, many people felt that being in worship with Kim brought you to a different dimension.  So, I was curious to actually experience being with Kim Clement.  

(As a side note, Kim Clement died in early November of 2016.  He had been very ill for over a year and his ministry continues to reach many, even after his illness and death)

That conference in 2008 was one of those life changing events for me.  I never actually heard Kim speak.  He only sat at the piano and played and sang.  But the atmosphere in the room was supercharged.  His message at that conference was that Chicago was a HUB for what the Lord had for the next season.  It was really amazing.  It was Lance Wallnau's teaching on the 7Mountain Mandate that really touched me.  Over the next few months I read his books and listened to his teachings and fully embraced the idea of the seven spheres of society and God's plan to occupy and influence each of these areas.  (to hear about this click this link Lance Wallnau - 7m Mandate)

Quite honestly, after 2008 I didn't really follow Lance Wallnau that closely.  I would occasionally read something about him, or see a teaching he had given.  But, in my heart, I felt that there was something important for me contained in that teaching.  Fast forward to this summer.  

Within all of the political "STUFF" going on, I saw that Lance Wallnau had supported Trump for president, believing there was a Cyrus Call on Trump to be a wrecking ball in Washington.  Additionally, I saw that Kim Clement has released a prophecy in 2007 saying that Trump would be the president of the United States.  I started to follow and listen to Lance on Periscope and Facebook and discovered that he was writing a book scheduled to be released just before the election.  That book, God's Chaos Candidate is a number one best seller.  

At this point, I am sure that I have lost some of you.  As I said yesterday I have stayed pretty silent on the election and all of this stuff.  But the REASON that I am sharing today is more about ME than Donald Trump or Lance Wallnau or Kim Clement.

As I have been listening to Lance (I follow him on Periscope and Facebook Live) I have realized that there is something very real that I am supposed to be doing for Jesus right now.  Lance's message is not just about the government mountain, it is really about what we as believers need to be doing in every area!  The message is simple.  We pray "let your Kingdom come, let your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven" each time we say the Lord's Prayer.  Yet we don't expect to actually see Kingdom things happen here on earth.  We can fight those giants and we can make a difference.  Each one of us.   

So what is ahead for me in 2017?  Well, I really don't know.  But I do know that I have a great feeling of hope and excitement about what is ahead.  The best thing for me is that I don't feel like I am trying to connect the dots all my myself.  I have found a "tribe" of people who are also following Lance and together we are ready to move where God wants us to go.  I am so thankful for Lance and his ministry team.   With God nothing is impossible!

Jesus, thank you for helping me understand and appreciate how the pieces of my life fit together.  Thank you for all that you have accomplished through Kim Clement and Lance Wallnau and their ministries.  Holy Spirit, thank you for courage and boldness to share, even when it is difficult.  Amen

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