Thursday, October 8, 2015

Remembering a great day...........

This was four years ago today.....Doug and Susie's wedding!  Wow, isn't she just beautiful?  And Doug is so handsome!  Okay, I know I am being such a "mom".   It was a wonderful day.  The weather was a lot like today!  Warm, sunny and clear.  As a matter of fact it was a bit warmer than was comfortable.  But it was such a lovely and meaningful wedding.  Sometimes I can't believe the location of their wedding.  Our family were members of this church when Doug was a baby until he was in third grade.  I was a part of the building committee.  I remember many, many meetings about the colors of the carpet, the type and style of the pews and then that cross and design around it on the wall behind the altar.  I helped serve Communion many, many times at that altar.  The room seemed filled with memories for me.
I love this picture of Pastor Damian praying for Doug and Susie.  He has been a constant wonderful presence in these last four years.  I know that I never imagined Doug getting married at that altar.  But I can see the hand of Jesus on this event!  

Yesterday while listening to Dutch Sheets, he was talking about time.  Our idea of linear time is not the eternal time.  Dutch talked about a time spiral where time things are already placed in time, just waiting until we arrive there.   When I look at these pictures, I have a better understanding of that concept.  I prayed so many prayers in that place!  And now I can see how Jesus' plan was for this event to take place in that location and Pr. Damian tapped into all of those prayers of the past.  I have blogged about all of the prayers of my generations.  Those prayers that I know were for me and my children.  What a great reminder that our prayers are eternal.  Not only can we change the atmosphere around us through the presence and power of Jesus, but we can have an effect on the future!  

Doesn't this make you stop and think?  Not only about all of your past generations put also about all of your future generations.  I love knowing that when we pray for the future spouses of our children or grandchildren, those prayers make things happen in that spiral of time.  And Jesus knows the perfect time for the fulfillment of our prayers.  Yes, another wonderful nugget of wisdom from a thirty minute teaching by Dutch Sheets!  

Jesus, continue to bless Doug and Susie in their marriage.  Draw them both closer to you and closer to each other.   Thank you for your presence with them in this difficult last year.  Holy Spirit, encourage us all to keep on praying for our future generations.  Give us hope and faith and trust that you are working those prayers out in exactly the right time and right way. Amen

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