Saturday, October 3, 2015

Changing seasons.......Jesus Reigns!

Yesterday when I was helping (really all I was doing was watching and listening) Lia doing her home school work, she needed to journal what she liked about Fall.  Zeke was also "helping" and we each came up with some things for our own lists.  Top on Zeke's list was the leaves changing colors.  And I was remembering this picture....
We had taken the kids to the Forest Preserve and as you see, they were collecting leaves in a ziplock bag!  It was one of those warm, blue sky days and we had a wonderful time.  I believe that Doug was 4 years old in this picture....exactly Zeke's age.  There must be something about little boys and leaves.  Lia's list started off with "hot cocoa".  And it also included "wearing sweatshirts".  Today was certainly a hot cocoa and sweatshirt day.  It was COLD and WINDY and I don't believe the temperature went above 55 degrees.  And it was rainy and gloomy.  Yes, the season is changing.  The calendar says that it is October, but for some reason, I was hoping that our warm, sunny weather would continue for a bit longer.  I am determined that I will change my attitude about winter's approach.  No gloom and doom, just thankfulness and joy - no matter what the weather!

And here's the thing....I do love the wonderful colors in the fall!  And just for a further reminder, today I was reading Psalm 104:1 (from The Passion Translation)
"Everything I am will praise and bless the Lord!
O Lord, my God, Your greatness takes my breath away,
overwhelming me by your majesty, beauty and splendor"  
And then I saw verse 19...
"You made the moon to tell us the months
and the sun to measure the days."

That entire Psalm just reminded me that the Father created this world and sustains it from season to season.  Everything about this world, no matter what the season, is a gift from the Lord.  Those sunny, warm summer days, the beautiful colors of the fall, the crisp, blue sky over fields of snow, and the flowers pushing up through the soil welcoming spring are all planned and purposed by God.  

So, in thankfulness, here is my list of what I love about Fall.......
*The colors of the trees against the blue sky
*Long sleeved shirts that feel great under those sweatshirts
*Chili cooking in the crock pot
*Leaves that crunch under your feet 
*Squirrels collecting nuts and running about
*Pine cones covering the ground under tall trees

As I was writing that list, I began to sing "This is my Father's World"!  I love that hymn!  We so need to remember the truth contained in that third verse.  Even when the wrongs in the world seem so big and so strong, God IS the ruler!  Jesus reigns!  We need to remind ourselves - and others - of that fact!  So I will leave you with the lyrics and a challenge to write your own list of thankful things about Fall!

1. This is my Father's world, 
and to my listening ears 
all nature sings, and round me rings 
the music of the spheres. 
This is my Father's world: 
I rest me in the thought 
of rocks and trees, of skies and seas; 
his hand the wonders wrought. 

2. This is my Father's world, 
the birds their carols raise, 
the morning light, the lily white, 
declare their maker's praise. 
This is my Father's world: 
he shines in all that's fair; 
in the rustling grass I hear him pass; 
he speaks to me everywhere. 

3. This is my Father's world. 
O let me ne'er forget 
that though the wrong seems oft so strong, 
God is the ruler yet. 
This is my Father's world: 
why should my heart be sad? 
The Lord is King; let the heavens ring! 
God reigns; let the earth be glad! 

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