Wednesday, October 12, 2016

It's all in the design.............

I spent the last weekend with Lia, Ellie, Zeke and Anna while Gwen and Tim were on retreat with their church.  Let me tell you that spending three days and two nights with four children is not for the faint of heart.  There was more than one time that I wondered if I could actually get up from my seated position on the ground!  Thankfully, the weather was wonderful and we spent a great deal of the time outside.  It was a wonderful, amazing, time that I was sad to see end.  Anna especially was more than ready for mommy and daddy to be home.  Grandma is okay - but she needed her mommy.  The kids were really good and there were no sickness' or injuries.  Really a miracle when you have four little ones.   A lot of time was spent doing this.......

The girls discovered this Spirograph and spent hours (yes hours) sitting at the table making designs.  Even Anna really loved doing this.  Zeke wasn't interested in this and actually was away at a soccer game during these hours.  This is his first year playing soccer and it has rained every single week - until this game.  And Zeke scored a goal!  Yay Zeke!  I was so thankful that Ms. Lianne and Mr. Dan picked him up so that he didn't have to miss this game.  Ms. Lianne sent me this picture of Zeke having a snack after the game - which they won!  

Lia and I even had time to make a batch of sugar cookies.  She is quite the little baker.  Her dad has taught her well!  She knew exactly how to roll out the dough and was able to really handle all the process.
She wanted to save these cookies for mommy and daddy, so we each only eat a couple!  Ellie was her usual very creative self during this weekend.  She has taken pieces of various boxes and cut them, covered them with paper and made furniture for her American Girl doll. Nothing is trash to Ellie.

She can find a purpose for everything.  She will, however, keep the tape and glue people in business!  And staples also!  Anna spent her time just following after the big kids for the most part.  She does still spend a great deal  of time playing with her "Little People". (Thank you to whoever at Fisher Price thought up this amazing concept)
Anna has quite the collection of Little People and all of the "people" are stored in a bin.  Anna spent several hours sorting that bin and put the animals and people each with their own kind!  The only "grandpa" is the Noah figure from the Noah's Ark set.  Sadly there is no grandma which really bothered Anna.  She looked and looked and never could find a suitable figure to be grandma. (I was thinking she might pick one of the princess figures LOL! She thought this was a really silly idea.  You should have seen her face when I tried to suggest that!).  Needless to say, all five  of us had plenty of fun throughout the days together.  

I was thinking about those designs that the girls had done with the Spirograph.  It's all about how each piece fits together and then exactly where you put the pen that makes each design so unique.  When the girls discovered that the colored pencils also worked, the designs took on a whole new color hue.  Spending some time with each one of these four sweeties helped me to see the unique design that God put inside each of them.   I have mentioned in previous blogs that I had some prophetic words for each of them before they were born and it is so interesting to see hints of those words coming through their personalities - even at this young age.  And these kinds of characteristics are not something that could be "created" by their parents or any other person.  Ellie is the most caring and loving child I have ever seen.  While she is extremely protective of all of her "important" things (think paper scraps that look like trash, old advertising brochures, and other junk mail plus anything that might resemble a useful object to Ellie) she will literally give you the shirt off of her back if she thinks that you need it and/or want it.  She is the first to run to comfort anyone who is hurt or scared. She looks for the one that might be alone and tries to be their friend.  But there is also this side of Ellie that is fierce and strong.  She will stand her ground and not give an inch.  This is part of that unique design that is Ellie.  When you first see Lia you might be surprised to find out that she is on her way to 11 years old. She seems small and somewhat fragile but I have never met a young girl who is as clear about who she is and what God has planned for her than Lia.  Her word as a "little bird with a big voice" could not be more perfect for her.  Let me tell you that that girl has a voice that can be heard a long way away!  Kids are drawn to her and she makes friends really easily.  And she is a loyal and trustworthy friend.  This is a girl that will have the ear of many as she gets older.  She might be small in stature, but she is BIG in her message.  Zeke has that wonderful, inventive, idea filled head of a small boy.  He is nuts about roller coasters and builds then out of any material he can find.  He thinks concretely and imagines that he can build anything that he thinks about.  But inside of that inventor heart is a caring little boy who wants to take everyone with him on his adventures.  This is exactly the kind of person who will strike a path toward Jesus and lead many along with him.  Anna, at not yet three years old just exudes personality.  No matter where you go, people are drawn to her.  It is more than that she is a cute little girl.  There is just something about her, even at this young age, that seems to know more than she should.  And in that, makes you want to know all about the secrets that she has.  She will have a following someday.  

Isn't it amazing to see God's handiwork - right in front of your eyes?  Each of us has that same unique "bent" and if we were to consider what that might be, we would be amazed.  There is a plan and purpose of each of us that is different from anyone else.  There are things that we need to accomplish and places that we need to go that are ours alone.  No matter what age we are right now, we need to accept and understand the unique set of traits that Jesus has brought together in us and then we need to boldly go forth and use these gifts and talents.  Unfortunately, our culture has taught us that we need to try to be "successful" and to fit into molds.  Seeing the wonder of the creator so clearly in these small children has convinced me, once again, how important it is for us to know our destiny!
And more than that, we have to use those gifts and talents.  

In the last few months (okay - years) I have been guilty of becoming quite happy just sitting and waiting until I was sure that I knew exactly what and where I was supposed to go to fulfill that destiny.  It took a couple of pretty clear "kick in the pants" moments to convince me that I need to take that first step out.  Unfortunately, we don't often get an entire road map or route plan when Jesus asks us to step out.  We only get a step at a time.  And then the next step.  I was reminded of this verse from Psalm 119:105 -  
    "Your Word is a lamp for my feet a light for my path."

Just enough light (knowledge and inspiration) to show you where to put your foot and then a bit of light to see just ahead of you.   But the Word of Jesus will be there as we step out. 

Okay, I'm ready to go!  How about you?

Jesus, thank you for reminding me that not only do you HAVE plans for each of us, they are good plans.  And you promise to be there with us as take that first, sometimes scary step.  Holy Spirit, remind us that the light we have is enough.  Give us courage and boldness as we seek to discover what is ahead!  Thank you Jesus for children and grandchildren!  Amen

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  1. Love this posting and great insights into God's design for each of us that you observed through watching your grandchildren. God created each one of us to be unique and to touch the world in ways he planned for us before the foundation of the world. Thanks Lyn!