Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Getting through the blizzard of 2015.... and staying on the path!

Yes, Chicago got slammed by an early February blizzard that started on Sunday and moved on into Monday.  This photo was taken on Monday morning and that snow on my car is AFTER we had cleared it off TWICE on Sunday.  Fortunately, almost everything was closed on Monday, so we had plenty of time to deal.....again.....with the snow.  I love this picture since I have to believe that this "WAVE" of snow on our garage roof was especially for us.  I mean, we love the beach!  Ken is really not fond of winter.  Or snow.  Or shoveling.  Or grey winter days.  So this wonderful wave of snow also came on a bright sunny day when we did not have to rush to leave the house.  If you notice the snow stuck on our neighbors house, you will see evidence of the true "blizzard" that we experienced on Sunday night.  That wind was wicked!  And it was the wind that created our wave.  We were very blessed with no power outages (there were many in our area) so we stayed safe and warm and cozy in our house.  And yes, we can really feel the difference that new siding with added insulation and brand new windows bring during a blizzard.

All I could think of was the verse from Isaiah 1:18.... though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow.   After this big snow (which, by the way was the fifth highest snow total for a single day - 19.6") everywhere you looked, was just white.  It was truly beautiful.  Fields of white not marked by anything.  And the surface was blown smooth and shiny by the wind.  I loved thinking about the amazing truth that we are clothed in the righteousness of Jesus....and so we are white as snow!  Yes, that was a good place to focus during this storm.  I also spent some time thinking about how thankful I am that during the "storm" that has been hitting my family, we are covered by that same wonderful blanket of Jesus.  Yes, this blizzard was a great picture of the powerful presence of Jesus during any storm.
On Tuesday, it was back to work, as usual.  That meant that I was spending time with the grandkids.
Zeke decided it was a great day to play with trains.  He has a huge amount of Geotraks (which is a marvelous train system from Fisher Price).  We built a big "up and down" track, but it wasn't long before Zeke's very long train was chugging around the house - off the tracks!  Anna was having great fun crawling after the train (while occasionally taking a swipe at a car or two - much to Zeke's dismay).  You can see his face as Anna gets a bit close to the train!  Thankfully, I was able to distract Anna with her own vehicle.
When I was on my way home (in yet another snow....sigh), I was thinking about Zeke taking those trains off the track.  Boy have I ever done that a time or two.  Even when I knew that there was a path - a track - that I was supposed to be on, I have chosen to jump the tracks and go my own way.  At times it seemed fine, but then I ran into those unexpected obstacles.  And before you know it, I was longing to be back on those tracks.  Even when there were ups and downs on that path laid out there for me, I felt protected and safe.  Off of that path, going my own way, I did not feel safe or protected. Yes, this was a great reminder that I need to stay the course and keep on keeping on.  Even when I may be tempted to go off in another direction.   I love the verse from Psalm 119:105  "Your word is a lamp for my feet and a light for my path."   Isn't it interesting that we don't get a wide-screen view, looking off into the future.  All we get is a lamp that just is enough to see where we put our next step and a little bit of light showing the path right in front of us.  Yet it is enough.  If we stay on that track!  Yes, I am so thankful to be able to breathe out a bit, and relax.  Knowing that I may not be able to see what is around that next bend, I know that my feet are on the right path.

Jesus, thank you for making us white in the covering of your shed blood on the cross.  What a great gift for us.  Holy Spirit, thank you for showing us in the Bible the direction that you have for us.  When things seem so dark you remind us that we have all the light that we need.  Thank you for a plan, a path and a destiny laid out for each of us.  Jesus, thank you for all of the times that you gently guided me back to the right track.  Help us all stay right where you want us.  Amen

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