Friday, February 27, 2015

You will never walk alone!

Tonight on Facebook, I saw the following post from Faith Walters entitled "Walking Toward Your Destiny".  I have certainly heard words similar to this one, but it really hit me tonight.  Isn't it interesting when you look back at something and realize that you were being taken along a path that you didn't even see?  I'll explain more after you read this amazing word.....

Sent via Kathie Walters Ministries:
I had a dream a while ago. In the dream I was walking in the stormy rain. I was talking on the phone and there was an atmosphere around me of, "Why would you go out in this kind of weather?" As I continued to walk, I didn't seem to mind the rain or the storm. Then I stated to someone on the other end of the phone, "I may be in the rain and I may be getting wet, but at least I'm gonna get to m...y destination.”
Things around us may be messy, dirty, wet, hard work and maybe not as pleasant as we would like it sometimes but, if we are on our way to our destination than those things are just small inconveniences compared to the end result. This is like bumps in the road, but there is a road!
Keeping your eye on the prize, your goals, your dreams, your destinations, will help you go through those difficult moments along the way.
We can begin to see our journey as an adventure instead of a trial. Instead of focusing on the immediate surroundings and becoming worn out or discontented, put your attention on the destination - that place you are walking towards, that goal you will achieve.
Suddenly those difficult things can seem not so difficult after all; not so wearing, not so disheartening. They are all a part of the great and wonderful journey, and they are small things in light of the big dream God gives you.
We were never promised things would be 100% easy and perfect all the time, but we were promised His wonderful grace to walk down our road. We can have joy in the midst of sorrow, have hope in the midst of despair, have faith in the midst of a trial and love in the midst of fear. Our circumstances do not need to dictate our lives… but our lives can dictate our circumstances.
Keep you eyes on your dream and your heart on your destiny.
This song is for you, so make sure and listen - lyrics from, “You’ll Never Walk Alone”: "When you walk through a storm, hold you head up high and don't be afraid of the dark, at the end of the storm is a golden light and the sweet silver song of a lark…” The spiritual meaning of a Lark is “Daybreak." How about that!  

Okay... now here is the link for the song that she is talking about in this post, "You''ll Never Walk Alone".   Take a moment and listen to the song.

This is the program from my wedding almost 41 years ago.  Take a look at the first solo.   Yep, that's right, "You'll Never Walk Alone".  I love that there is a Spiritual message in this song and at the time, I sure didn't realize that.  I also noticed tonight the wonderful words that were on the back side of our program for our wedding.  I can tell that Jesus had a plan and destiny for us, even when we didn't know it or acknowledge it.  For me. tonight. this brings such a warm feeling.  I love that I can look back...almost 41 years.... and see how Jesus was such a part of giving my life direction.  

Yes, I can rest even more deeply, as I am riding along on that river, in a tunnel, knowing that Jesus is in charge.  Isn't it wonderful how the Holy Spirit comes along and reveals this post on Facebook so that I can be reminded of the care and concern Jesus has always had for me.  I am so thankful for "Hindsight" that brings me peace and rest.  And I am glad for the reminder that daybreak is coming!  So there is an end to that tunnel.  The end is the destiny and plan that Jesus has for me.

If you feel like you are walking alone in that storm, or like me you feel like you are in a dark tunnel, hold fast to the words of this song.  There is a golden light right there with you.  That light is Jesus.  He will never leave you or forsake you.  So walk on....

Jesus, thank you so much for helping me to see and understand so much more clearly, exactly where I am right now.  Holy Spirit, thank you for the reminders and the memories that reveal that bring so much peace and rest into my spirit.  Thank you for Faith Walters and this word tonight.  Bless her and the ministry that you have given to her.  Comfort all those who are in that storm, facing dark rain and uncertain times.  Give them assurance that you are there with them.  Thank you for your great love.  Amen

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