Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Connection to the past..........and into the future

I have mentioned that I am the youngest of five children in my family.  I was born in Watertown, South Dakota and my mom and dad had lived there for a long time.  My mom graduated from high school in Watertown and met my dad there.  And, except for a few years, they had lived in Watertown.  I always felt a bit out of the loop in my family whenever the conversation turned to Watertown.  All of my siblings have lots and lots of memories of Watertown.......except me.  We moved away when I was just 3 years old.  I only have a couple of actual memories of Watertown (a fact that my mom could not believe).  I remember the front porch of our house (and sadly, I can't visit it or get a picture because the house was torn down in the 1960's).  And I remember the Library!
I discovered that the building that I knew as the Library, is now the Codington County Historical Museum.  I remember going down those stairs on the side, into the basement, to the children's section.  I have very clear memories of rows and rows of books.  It was certainly a happy place for me.  My love of books and going to the Library did not end when we moved away.  I spent hours and hours at the St. Paul Public Library (downtown) - BY MYSELF - from the time I was in early grade school.  The arrival of the Bookmobile at my neighborhood shopping center was a big treat.   My nose was almost always in a book.  After my own kids were born, we often visited the library.  Thirty years ago our community had a very old building with a very tiny library.  As a matter of fact, the children's books were stacked on the steps to the second floor!  But we had "district" borrowing privileges at several towns near to us.  My kids grew up going to the Library on a weekly basis.  So it was no surprise that today, I visited the Library with Gwen and the kids....

 They have a wonderful children's room at their local library.  All of the kids picked their own books.  There were board books for Anna, picture books for Zeke, early readers for Ellie, and "chapter" books for Lia.  Zeke spent time doing a very large alphabet floor puzzle (with a little help from Ellie), and Anna walked up and down and around all the rows of books (with Grandma following closely behind her)!  Before we left, all four kids spent time at the computers!

And we left with 20 books!  Five for each kid.  And their loft is filled with books that they own.  And there are books in each of their bedrooms and books on their kindles.  Yes, we are a book loving family!

In thinking back to my love of books, it is really interesting that I really didn't OWN many of my own books.  As a matter of fact I think I could name the first 5 books that I owned!  I am so thankful that one of those five was my first Bible, which is still on my book shelf.

Last night I had one of those dreams.... the kind that I know have meaning beyond the dream itself.  I have been "dreaming" in my awake hours of going to the beach.  It looks like the beach might be a lake for us this year, rather than the ocean.  But I am longing for a body of water.  Since I spent every summer of the first 20 years of my life at a lake, this should not be a surprise!  My dream last night started with the realization that I was in a small row boat, out on a lake.  As I looked around I didn't see anything that seemed familiar.  But I was not at all afraid.  Even when I realized that I did not have the oars and there was not a motor on the boat!  I was calmly floating around in that little boat.  I remember that at one point in the dream, I put my head back and just looked up at the clear blue sky.  It was so restful and so calm.......so peaceful.  Exactly what I blogged about yesterday.  Peace.  Easy, not worries, just calm and peace.  What a great dream.   Jesus was totally in charge and I was just floating along.  Yes, I need to bring that dream into my life.   I don't have to understand.  I don't have to have all the tools I think I might need.  I just need to look up and breathe deep.  And let life take me where it will.  Because I know that my little boat, my life, is not on an aimless path.  There is a plan and purpose and destiny to my journey. And Jesus is in charge.  Yes, I need to just stop, take that deep breath and be in peace.  One thing is certain, that possible lakeside vacation is sounding better and better!

Jesus, thank you so much for speaking to us in dreams.  Holy Spirit, you connect us from our past into the future.  Jesus, thank you for books and libraries and words on a page.  Thank you for information and stories and testimonies that challenge and encourage us and educate us.  Remind us all that the best way to spend our days is floating along, letting you do the propelling!  Amen

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