Monday, July 20, 2015

When an empty house holds years and years of memories....

Today I wandered through an empty house that holds so many memories.  We are preparing Ken's parents house for sale.  They bought the house in 1972 and moved into the house in 1973.  That is a long, long time.  After the death of Ken's dad in April, we have known that the sale of the house was on the horizon.  Today, the reality of this process hit me.  As I stood in the living room I was thinking back on all of the different "looks" that the room had over the years.  I was remembering so many family gatherings, so many "drop in" times, so many, many times.  Today I had a very quick flashback to the day that Ken's mom turned 50. The reason I remember that day is because it was also the day Ken and I got (officially) engaged - I got my ring.  We stood in the middle of that room and told mom and dad that we were getting married.  So many memories, so many milestones. 
This was actually one of the last "family gathering" days that we had with Ken's mom and dad.  It was their 65th Wedding Anniversary in  2007.  Ken's mom was already not doing very well physically and had oxygen (that she often refused to use).  She died just about a year and half later, in April of 2009. Ken's dad moved to Florida and the house was rented to our nephew and his wife.  But now, it is time for a new family to make this house their home.  

Ken and I got a couple of boxes of "stuff" that belonged to his dad.  One of the things that I stopped and held in my hands for a bit, was this strap that was dad's favorite and was often on any dulcimer that he was currently playing.  
Yes, it is this very strap that was on this dulcimer in 1980 (I know the year since that is Gwen at 18 months old!).  Isn't it interesting what brings back those memories?  I was really surprised today, that I got so nostalgic.  I was not expecting this at all.  I think it is all a part of my new "normal" dealing with grief and loss every day.  Things that may not have hit me quite so hard, now seem to slam into my spirit.  Time marches on.  Everything changes.  Children grow up and have children of their own. 
And we face losses - some expected and some very unexpected.  And all of this happens in our homes.   

Just last week I was talking with a group of my friends about the promise of the commandment to "honor your mother and father"  for a long prosperous life.  There are many ways that plays out.  I am just very thankful that Ken and I were able to have our parents in our lives for as long as we did.  We were blessed that our children grew up knowing them.  And have an amazing legacy of memories of shared times together.  

I am so very thankful today.  Thankful for all that Ken's mom and dad planted in their family.  During family gatherings, Ken's mom used to love to say "all this because one day I went roller skating!"  So it was another day of realizing the "generational shift" and understanding once more the deep importance of family.  

Jesus, thank you for this reminder to appreciate past generations.  Holy Spirit, help us all to honor those above us in the generations.  Jesus, bless the house that surrounded our family and bring in the exact right people to once again fill up that house.  Thank you for your love and care for our family.  Amen

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