Monday, July 27, 2015

when throwing rocks is the best thing ever.........

Last week when I was at Gwen's, we had a bit of time to entertain the three younger kids while Lia was at a couple of appointments.  We spent some time at a playground and then we were by this lake.  All of the kids, including Anna, had fun throwing rocks into the water.  Really, who needs anything except a few rocks and some water?  They could have stayed by this lake for a long, long time.  We finally dragged them away so that we could blow some bubbles.
Sometimes it takes a lot of work to get those bubbles!  But Zeke managed to get some amazing bubbles....
Yes, the end result was lots of bubbles to be chased and popped.  It was so much fun watching the kids have such simple fun.  There is something so peaceful and wonderful when you just stop from the rushing here and there, lose the to-do list, and just really take part in the simple things.  Throwing rocks and blowing bubbles.  Later that day, I painted (see my previous blog).  Yes, this day was a reminder to just take part in the lazy daze of Summer.  

The next day took me right back into those "to-do" lists and things that are not so simple.  Ken and I did a walk through of his Dad's house that we are preparing to sell (yes, see another blog post).  Ken decided that we had to paint that garage.  We took a few hour diversion from the thought of this very big job, to attend our high school reunion.  We have a quite amazing group of classmates that continue to get together once a year, just to catch up. Ken and I graduated a year apart, but this reunion covers about 5 years of graduates - mostly his class.  There was a bit of discussion about next years reunion since it will be 45 years!  Yes, that sounds like a very long time.  And since I am a whole year behind that, I can give Ken a hard time!  There is something so good about being with people who are right where you are in life's issues.  I saw many pictures of grandchildren and talked about the loss of our parents.  And we discussed that "to-do" list of work on Ken's dad's house, with people who have been there and done that!  For the second night in a row, I actually didn't get home until after 10:30!  

And then came time for the real work...... the garage.
All I can say about this VERY LONG process is THANK GOD FOR A PAINT SPRAYER!  We can't imagine how long this job would have been without that amazing tool.  After hours and hours of painting, we realized that the floor needed to be cleaned.  So we attacked the floor with soup and the hose.  By the time we were done, we were very tired, but also very glad that we had completed this project.  A clean, painted garage looks much bigger and brighter.  Now we just need those buyers!  

I haven't blogged much this month.  There have been so many, many things that I have thought about putting on paper, but I seem to be so tired at night, that I can't face the keyboard!  But I need to share about two amazing reminders I have had this week that the Holy Spirit will get my attention.  This morning, a good friend just came into my mind. As a matter of fact, over the last week, she has been in my thoughts.  So I shot off a quick message to her, just to find out how she was doing.  Within two minutes my phone rang with a call from my dear friend!  She had just been thinking of ME when she got my message!  So I had a wonderful "catch up" conversation.  We were both so amazed at how Jesus keeps us connected - no matter the distance.  This reminded me of another similar thing that happened a few days ago.  While I was in the shower, this family kept coming into my mind.  This was really a "blast from the past" since I haven't seen or talked with them for a long time.  So, as soon as they came into my mind, I shot up some prayers for them, and decided that I had better get busy and get in touch with them.  Then, just two hours later, there was an email from that family, asking for prayer.  Needless to say, I called them later that afternoon.  And yes, it was so good to catch up.  In both of these situations, I knew that it was wonderful  that there are lots of good people praying for me when they are prompted by the Holy Spirit.  And to know that the Holy Spirit will prompt me to pray when I am quiet enough to hear his voice and listen!  

So there are two parts to this blog.  First, take some time to enjoy the simple things.  Throw a couple of rocks (not at someone, but into a nice, big body of water!).  Blow some bubbles.... look at the sky.  And secondly, be aware of how the Holy Spirit might be reminding you to not only pray for someone, but also connect with them!  

Jesus, thank you for all the amazing things you do for us.  Thank you for quiet times, for rocks and for bubbles and thank you for paint sprayers!  Holy Spirit, help us all to hear your voice, to listen to those promptings and to act on them!  Thank you for friends and prayer partners and classmates from our high school days.   Amen

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