Sunday, November 9, 2014

A few odds and ends from today.....

First of all, here is a sweet picture of our little Lucas!  Isn't he just the cutest!  I know that I am the grandma and that skews my judgement, but he is really a cute little pumpkin!  I picked out this little outfit right after Lucas was born.  I just loved the little penguin and the bib that went with this says "My family loves me"!  Yep, we sure do!  Again, thanks for all the prayers for him.  When you have any kind of issues in your own family, you really appreciate all of the people who stand with you and cover you in prayer.  

As I said in my last blog, we finally decided that Ken would create the numbers and letter that we needed since we couldn't find them anywhere.  So yesterday Ken cut them out and today he finished them up.  This was more than a couple of hours of work!  Each of these had to be sanded before they were ready to be installed. Of course this also required more than one trip to the hardware store.  Does anyone ever finish a project without multiple trips to the store?  That never happens in our house.

So here is our finished - finally - house!  With all of the trim installed and the address clearly shown.  I feel like we can finally breathe out that this project is done.  Now we have to move on to all of the interior work that needs doing!  Sigh..... all in good time.

Time.... that brings me to tonight.  And another little bit that is swirling around in my head after an incredible worship time at a meeting tonight.  Here are the words I wrote down from the worship...

Your destiny is eternity.  Don't be afraid to step into eternity.
It's a new thing...your can't avoid or escape it, its all around you. 
Move with the lamb into the realm of eternity.
You were created for the realm of eternity...step into eternity

Finally home.  You are my eternity.
Looking into your eyes Jesus...  eternity is in your eyes.
Looking into your eyes.  You and me, me and you.
Could it really be this close?  Inside of me?  
Eternity. We can touch eternity.  

Wow.  That puts time into another place.  Doesn't it make you just stop and think?  I have to admit that I got stuck on that first line.  Here I've been in a big struggle, trying to figure out what my destiny is, when all along it is so simple.  My destiny is ETERNITY!  It is all about my relationship with Jesus.  Being with Him and seeing from his perspective.  Just moving into the realm of eternity. And then stopping and thinking about the fact that we have been CREATED for the realm of eternity.  Doesn't that make good sense.  If we are made in the image of God, then we HAVE to be created for eternity.  He IS ETERNITY!

Yes, I will be thinking about this and spending time looking into the eyes of Jesus. So that is the few odds and ends that have been on my heart and mind today.  I am so thankful today!  Thankful for a big house project complete!  Thankful for a sweet baby joining our family!  And thankful for the revelation that our destiny is eternity.  Yep, quite a good day!

Jesus, thank you for working so many things out for me today.  Holy Spirit, thank you for the reminder that you bring eternity into me!  What an amazing gift!  Thank you for showing me how to let go of deadlines, calendars and schedules so that I can focus on eternity.  Help us all to grow in understanding of our true destiny.   Amen

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