Friday, January 30, 2015

celebrating with hope........

This morning I read this post from Lana Vawser - Broken Hearts mended and I was brought to tears.  But they were tears of hope and trust and faith.  This post struck at the heart of my sadness, the death of baby Lucas.  My daughter in law Susie chose the verse Psalm 56:8 for the funeral of her precious 10 day old baby boy.

"You have kept tract of all my weeping, you've stored my many tears in your bottle, not one will be lost.  You care about me every time I've cried. For it is recorded in your book of remembrance. (From the Passion Translation)

 Yes, we were (and still are) crying tears.  And Jesus is collecting those tears in bottles.  You will need to click on that link and read the post to understand the intense rush of hope and joy that filled me when I read that post.  But it also brought me back to Lucas.  It is interesting that I saw this post today.  Because today is Anna's first birthday.  Here is one of my favorite pictures of Anna and me from shortly after she was born.

So while I was missing Lucas, I was also remembering and celebrating Anna.  It is really such a contrast.  Thanks to that post, I can celebrate what is ahead and feel so much renewed hope filling me.  I am so thankful for Facebook, for the internet for people who share posts.  I just love these lines in that post...

I then saw the Father take a bottle at a time and pour these tears over the lives of His people. As it poured out over their lives I saw the tears were coated in the most glorious gold liquid love of the Father.
Immediately I knew that He was saying He has taken all the tears of pain and hurt and has TURNED these tears into tears of LOVE!
He is turning mourning into dancing and sorrow into joy. As these tears coated in liquid love fell upon the lives of His children suddenly life began to arise. The most beautiful coloured flowers, one after the other arose.

So tonight I am basking in the image of glorious gold liquid love being poured out over our family.  And I am filled with the hope of dancing and joy and new life.  Yes, I really needed this today and I am so thankful for sweet little Anna on her special day.  

Jesus, thank you so much for Lana Vawser.  Continue to bless her with ears to hear your voice and give her new vision.  Thank you Holy Spirit for the timing of this post.  Pour out your blessing and that golden love on Doug and Susie and all of our family.  Thank you Jesus for the plans and destiny you have for my family.  Holy Spirit, reach out to all those who have filled bottles with tears.  Cover them with your great love and fill them with new hope.  Amen

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