Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Letting it all sink in.....

I spent the last couple of days at a very intense conference at Chicago HUB with lots and lots of amazing speakers.  It was the most packed agenda I have ever seen at this kind of event.  The time just flew by.  There was hardly time to eat or sleep, let alone think about all that you had taken in during the last session.  As I was driving home last night (late, but not ridiculous since I had to be up at 5:00am this morning), I was trying to "sum up" what the conference on THE PRESENCE (of Jesus) had imparted to me.  The most interesting thing about all these really big name speakers...... every one spent time telling about their failings, their struggles, their "humanness".  Most also gave details of the very real lives they were leading before Jesus' presence changed the entire direction of their journey.  I was reminded over and over how powerful each persons testimony is.  The last speaker of the event was Heidi Baker of Iris Global .  I could not begin to tell you how many people crowded into that room to hear her speak.  There was not a spot anywhere....not just chairs but floor space as well.  Here are a few pictures.....
 This is Bobby Conner.  The most amazing thing is that he can quote Scripture - even less well known verses without opening the book.  He mentioned that he has the Bible memorized and I would believe it.  He is a powerful prophet in the body of Christ today.
 This is David Wagner praying for Nancy Magiera (the leader of the ministry that sponsored this conference).  This was his first time at any HUB event, and I am sure that he will be back.  He was amazing.
 And here is Heidi Baker and Nancy.  As you can see, I was blessed with front row seats at this sold out event.  

I didn't get pictures of Bruce Van Natta (I think he walked around so much that I never got a good shot!)  and also missed Steve Mitchell.   Steve led worship and really did bring the "PRESENCE" into the room.  There was an awesome intercessory team from Crusaders Church in Chicago.  This intercession drew me in, touched me and changed the atmosphere so quickly.  

I met and talked with so many nice people.  I ran into old friends that I hadn't seen for years.  And, interestingly I got a personal prophetic word from a young guy I had never met before.  The first thing he asked me was if I knew what my name means! Yes, that's right.  Just like my last blog.  So I have to assume that Jesus is really trying to say something to me about my name!  

I strongly encourage you to click on each of these names to learn about these ministries.  Heidi Baker shared that they are currently in a crisis with serious flooding.  Many of their bases are flooded and their home base in Pemba, Mozambique will be without electricity for a LONG TIME.  Like think months.(Just imagine no running water AND no electricity....)  Hundreds of thousands of people lost their homes and everything they own.  There is a great need for us all to respond to this urgent need.  Heidi's ministry feeds thousands of people EVERY DAY and this flood will complicate that process.  Would you please join me and pray for this ministry?  They need us all to stand with them at this time.  

Yes, it was a very full couple of days.  I have so much to chew on, digest, meditate on, think about, and take in.  I am very thankful for the pages and pages of notes and also the CD's of the sessions that a friend purchased.  I am so grateful for the many volunteers who helped carry out this BIG event, as well as Hank and Nancy Magiera, the founders of HUB.  I have been reminded that it is the presence of Jesus that has sustained me in the last very hard months. And it is the presence that brings me the hope and peace for the future.  

I'll blog tomorrow (or the next day) with more specifics about what the presence really is and how to experience that presence and what it means to me.  So wait for it!

Jesus, thank you for your body....your anointed leaders....my sisters and brothers.  Holy Spirit, what a joy and to be in the presence!  Jesus, bring forth an abundance for Rolland and Heidi Baker.  Bring a multiplication of resources to meet every need.  Thank you for connecting us all, even around the world!  Amen

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