Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Prints in the snow.....

It snowed again today.  Just a light dusting.  It was actually raining and icy when I left the house for my small prayer group meeting.  The salt trucks were out in full force.  At some point during my meeting the rain turned to snow leaving a very pretty covering on the sidewalks and lawns.  I noticed these tiny very cute prints in the snow as I was walking to my car.  Some cute little birdie had been taking a stroll across the sidewalk.  And that got me thinking about the paths that we chose to walk.

Yesterday I blogged about the presence of Jesus, which was the focus of the conference that I attended.  My friends and I talked about this at our meeting this morning.  What a blessing it is to have like-minded people to discuss and mull over and contemplate things.   And today we practiced being in the presence of Jesus.  The presence of Jesus is not just reading the Bible or talking about Jesus or even praying.  All of those things CAN help you experience the presence of Jesus, but they are not THE presence.  You have to choose to welcome the presence of Jesus to experience it.  This blog is not about getting into a big discussion about the theology or traditions that might arise from the things I am sharing.  But I hope that it will make you stop and think and consider that very personal choice towards the presence of Jesus.

When I saw those little prints in the snow after talking with my friends, I immediately thought about this story.  When I was about four years old, I had a very powerful dream.  This was no ordinary dream, I knew that as soon as I woke up!  In my dream I was walking in a very beautiful garden.  When I close my eyes I can still see that garden!  The amazing thing is that at 4, I had never seen anything like this place.  It was green and lush with trees and plants everywhere.  There were flowers lining the path that wound its way through all the beauty.  Suddenly I was aware that there was a man walking with me, and he was holding my hand.  As we walked down that path, he told me exactly who he was.  He explained that the story that I had heard in Sunday School about Easter was really true. He went on to explain that Easter was not about the Easter Bunny and candy but how he died on the cross and came back to life.  And then he told me that I needed to always tell the truth about those things. I needed to share the truth with everyone that Jesus had died for all of us and was alive and living in that wonderful garden.  Even now, more than 55 years later, I can still feel his hand holding mine.  There is no doubt that after that dream, I knew exactly what path I was on and the footprints I was walking in.  Now it would be a wonderful story if my life had been a "walk in the park" (catch that phrase....just like my dream) from that point on.  But the truth is, that didn't happen.  I told my mom about this dream and she just sort of blew me off.  She told me it was just a dream and people didn't "talk about these things".  She told me that I should not tell anyone about this dream.  And I was obedient.  As a matter of fact, that dream was not in my mind until many, many years later.  It wasn't until I made a choice to welcome the presence of Jesus into my life, that the dream came back into my memory.   And I believe that this is the first time I have shared this on this blog.  Yet this is the truth.  And Jesus told me to share this truth with everyone.  In this dream was the presence of Jesus.

Okay, I will leave that for now.  I am sure that many of you are wondering what is going on.  I guess that this is the path I am on right now.  The path of sharing the truth.  And to encourage you to all make a choice to welcome the presence of Jesus.  Just ask!

Jesus, thank you for reminding me to share the truth.  Holy Spirit, bring the presence of Jesus to us and give us grace to welcome that presence every day and every hour of every day.  Thank you for friends and fellowship that strengthen us.    Help us all to see the path that you have laid out before us.  Thank you for little birds that leave footprints.   Amen

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