Monday, March 23, 2015

Weekend recap and a time of contrasts and rest

So I last posted looking forward to my scrapbooking weekend.  Here is the result of the weekend.  I finished this entire book.... it was 61 pages and covered from June 1, 2013 through July 31, 2013. It included a long vacation with lots of pictures. This was a personal record for me!  Included in the weekend was a fun time swimming with the grandchildren.

Even Anna spent some time in the pool.  I don't think she totally "enjoyed" the pool since it was a bit cold for her.  But she stayed in the entire time.  The older kids had a great time.  I actually swam a number of laps before the kids got to the pool.  It was a nice time of relaxing along with lots of talking and of course, the scrapping.  I was telling a friend this morning that the time felt kind of quiet.  For some reason it was just a really calm, peaceful time yet I accomplished so much.  It seems kind of counter intuitive, but it happened.  

And then this morning...... this was out of my window...
We had about 6" of snow this morning.  Sigh,  Gone is our near springtime weather.  The grass is gone, again, and it seems bleak and dark.  The good news of this weather is that it is supposed to be 60 on Wednesday!  So this snow will not last long!  Wow, what an unusual few days!  On one hand my scrap time was calm and peaceful.... yet it was overly productive!  And then even though the calendar says that spring is here... there are inches of snow on the ground!   

Today I decided to clear out some of my massive amount of scrapbook supplies.  Since everything was already a jumbled mess after taking it all for the weekend, it was a perfect time to do this.  So I sorted and organized and I still have quite a ways to go.  I have one large trash bag of things that I wonder why I had been keeping.  And I have several stacks of items to give away.  The best part of this clear out is that I now know what I have and I can actually find it!  So I will have a little bit more time with a mess until everything is organized and rearranged, but it is so worth it!

Yes, this has been a few days of contrasts.  And I have also felt the contrasts in my emotions and in my spirit.  I have had times of feeling very joyful and upbeat, but there has also been times of sadness.  Currently there is a buzz around the internet and among my friends that there will be an amazing time of spiritual revival hitting the Chicago area soon.  There are a couple of upcoming events that have everyone feeling the mounting excitement.  I have been waiting and watching for the expectation and excitement to hit me.  I am attending one of those "big" events coming in April, but I have yet to feel anything at all.  I was talking to Jesus about that this morning and then I heard a very quiet and small simple word.  JUST REST!   That seems to be what was happening all weekend.  And even in the sorting and organizing today, I felt restful.  It is as if I am wrapped in rest and peace.  And it is a great place to be!  After I realized how wonderful this word was, I looked out at that snow and it actually seemed very pretty.  I put on my boots and went out and shoveled the driveway!  It was warm and the sun actually came out.  And melting was already happening.  I realized that I was looking out the other window (see my last blog)!  And I was filled with rest and peace.  Quite a good day!  

Jesus, thank you for this weekend and fellowship and fun.  Thank you for speaking and reminding me to just rest when I feel like there is something more that I should be feeling.  Holy Spirit, keep our focus on the things that you know are necessary and good for each of us.  Help us to except that what we need may not be what someone else needs.  Jesus, so many people are filled with anxiety and stress.  Help us all to JUST REST!  Thank you for all that you are doing in the Chicago area.  Keep our eyes and ears attuned to you rather than to people.  Amen

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