Sunday, March 29, 2015

When you get confirmation........

This weekend we got to "dog sit" for Sammy and Kylie when Doug and Susie took a quick overnight getaway.  It is really interesting to see how relaxed and at home these two doggies are when they come to visit.  Within five minutes of Doug and Susie leaving, both dogs were asleep in their beds.  They both spent all night soundly sleeping in their beds and Sammy woke me up this morning with a lick to my face!  It is certainly fun to have these little doggie times.  It is confirmation to me that although I love dogs, at this stage of our lives it is better to just get our "dog fix" through our "grand dogs"!

Another bit of confirmation for me was reading this post from Lana Vawser.  It is basically the same message that I shared in my last post about all the ways we compare ourselves to others.  I believe that I am not the only person hearing this message so there must be others out there that are dealing with this jealousy, comparison issue.  It is worth reading her post for more insight on this subject.

To finish out my weekend, I totally rearranged my scrapbooking room.  I still have more to do, but I actually moved the furniture and set things up.  I really can't believe how much more room I have just by moving a couple of tables.  This is a really small room but suddenly I have room to breathe.  I had been considering doing something different in that room for some time, but it just seemed like it would not change anything.  There is nothing NEW in the room, it is all the same old stuff. Yet it feels new.  After shutting out the light in my "new" room, as soon as I sat down at the computer I realized the message that this brought to me!  Sometimes there are places in our life where we just need to "rearrange" things a bit.  Before I moved those tables, I threw out several large bags of trash.  And there may be some things that need to be removed before things can be put into new places.  I moved my work station to the opposite wall, so now I am facing an entirely new direction and I have a very different "view" of things as I work.  This was confirmation to me that the shifting that I have been feeling in my spirit is actually just some "rearranging"!  I have certainly felt that there has been some shaking out of some things that were clearly junk that I did not need to hang on to.  And I have been sort of resisting the shifting I have felt that seemed scary.  After tonight, I am kind of anxious to see where the rearranging of things in my life might take me.  I can't wait to find out what direction I might end up facing.  I am looking forward to finding out exactly what my view might be when everything is finally moved around!  Quite an interesting result of some cleaning!  

Isn't it just amazing how these bits of confirmation come to us?  I have felt so encouraged in each of these seemingly small details.  But I know that often, the most important things are contained in the little things. Yes, it has been a refreshing time this weekend.  I got to take several long walks (not that the weather was was COLD and RAINY) but it was good to be out with Sammy and Kylie.  I love thinking that someone way around the world in Australia is hearing the same message from Jesus.  And then it is so fun to know that Jesus can get my attention even when I am moving furniture.  Isn't that something?  Be encouraged to stop, look and listen in your own circumstances.  You just never know when you might get some confirmation when you least expect it!

Jesus, thank you for caring for each of us so individually.  Thank you for giving us exactly what we need, even when we don't know that we need it.  Holy Spirit that you for bringing me clarity about the shaking I am feeling and excitement about what is to come.  Help us all to remember to look for the confirmations that you bring to us.  Thank you for doggy kisses and cleaner rooms!  Amen 

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