Wednesday, March 18, 2015

When you need a helping hand...........

It is amazing to watch the development of a special relationship between siblings.  One thing is certain, Anna simply loves Zeke.  We all thought that Anna would be walking by now.  She crawled early and she has this very strange ability to stand up in the middle of the room!  She will walk pushing her stroller or really anything that she can hang on to.  But she will not let go and take steps on her own.  On this day she was crawling following Zeke around and then she would stand up right next to him and lunge for a hug.  She just loves that boy so much.  And he willingly gave her hug after hug.  And then he reached out for her hands and off they went!  Zeke walking backwards and Anna walking as fast as her little feet would carry her.  I kept telling Zeke to slow down.  Anna happily let Zeke lead her all around the house, over and over.  She needed his helping hand to walk!  I imagine that before we know it, Anna will be running all on her own. For now, I am so thankful that she has a big brother who is willing to lend a helping hand.

I don't know why it is so hard to ask for help, but it sure is.  I guess it feels like a sign of weakness to admit that we can't get by on our own.  I blogged recently that Ken and I admitted our need for help and called on Doug to help us move a heavy piece of furniture upstairs for us.  It was a good decision.  When you hit our age it just seems to make more sense to have someone else do the hard stuff rather than suffer the consequences ourselves.  Right now Ken and I are making a list of all of the inside home repairs and improvements that we need done.  I am quite happy to say that we will be having someone else do the majority of the work.  In these things, we know that we need a helping hand!

I have learned, I admit after years and years, that it is good to ask for a helping hand when you need prayer.  I still know some people who NEVER let you know what their prayer needs are.  They will even ask how they can pray for you, but they will never ask for prayer for themselves.  We all know that when two or three are gathered together...when you join with others, Jesus is there.  Today on my way home from another amazing time with my small group, I was reflecting on the "good old days" of the telephone prayer chain.   I remember when I would receive one of those requests and feel so connected to everyone praying as you passed on the request to the next person on the chain.  What an amazing thing it is to glance over my text messages and see all of the prayer requests!  In an instant I can have many people praying.  Asking for prayer (that helping hand) is so much easier now!

If you are reading this and find it hard to reach out and ask for help.... or to ask for prayer... please stop right now and call a friend and share a need.  We all have needs and we all need to support each other.  If you don't have anyone to call, please comment on this blog and I will stand with you in prayer.  If you are reading this via Facebook, drop a comment or send a personal message.  Don't let some false pride thing keep you from being connected to the body of Christ.  You will be blessed and you can be assured that your prayers are being heard in heaven.

Jesus, thank you for your promises to us.  Holy Spirit, continue to prompt us to share our prayer needs and to reach out to others for help.  Thank you for the advancements that allow us to stay connected via the internet and cell phones not only to each other, but also to you through prayer.  Thank you for the relationship that you are building between Anna and Zeke.  Help us all to know when to lean on others for support, when it is just beyond our own strength or ability to go on.  Amen

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