Thursday, September 24, 2015

A year of Jubilee and fulfilled promises......

This has been an interesting month.  There have been so many, many out there in the body of Christ and in the Secular media who have been predicting terrible things for September and after.  It got so bad for me that over this summer, I simply stopped reading or looking at anything since it all seemed so negative!  I hated when people around me asked me what I thought about all this stuff (the expected market crash, the demise of the United States, the end of the world, the 4 blood moons, etc, etc, etc, etc).  The reason I hated the questions was that I did NOT FEEL ANY OF THOSE GLOOM AND DOOM THINGS!  As a matter of fact, I continued to feel hopeful and filled with a sense of wonder at all that Jesus was planning to do in the months ahead.  I just could not enter into the fear and darkness that was all around.

And then things seemed to break, in a way, out there in the Christian world.  More and more big name people started to say.... wait a minute... this is not a time for fear and all this talk of bad things. At Yom Kippur there was a shift.  This is a year of Jubilee!  God has lots of good things ahead for the body of Christ.  It was such a relief for me. All along I had been feeling that Jesus was encouraging me, giving me hope and a renewed faith that the words I heard for 2015 were correct.   This was a year of double blessings!  At a time when I was barely holding on to hope, the promises of the good that was ahead, made it seem possible.  Over and over, Jesus reminded me that with Him, all things are possible.

So, as we are coming to the end of September, I am so thankful for the wisdom that Jesus has been speaking to me.  I am so blessed by the brightness and the glory that have filled me during the past months.  I believe that we are transitioning into an amazing time for the body of Christ.  We will all be amazed at how the Holy Spirit uses US to be the vessel of the miracles and power of Jesus to the world.  This is time for all of us to walk out boldly....not in fear and trembling.  If you do not have stored up promises from Jesus (you know, those things that you have heard in the past but not yet seen accomplished) ask him now!  He wants to share with you that secret wisdom.  He wants to give you the power to go out and BE who He has always planned for you to be.

Join me and step into that brightness.  Let's all be aware of His glory as we go into each day.   Make a difference by just letting that glory change the atmosphere around you.  Smile.  Replace fear with hope and trust.  Celebrate all that we are and have in Jesus!

Jesus, thank you for speaking to us.  What a gift it is that you want to share your wisdom with us.  Thank you for all those who are speaking hope and blessing and life with the brightness of your glory.  Jesus help us all to stay out of fear and give us encouragement to act boldly.  Thank you for this year of Jubilee.  Amen

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  1. I've been feeling a level of grace to love without judgement these past few months. I believe it is because the call to be like Jesus, to be a light for Hims strong right now.
    How can we be a light and have others see Jesus if we're all doom and gloom? We need to shine with His love and totally trust God to handle the details.