Friday, September 11, 2015

Walking in someone else's shoes............

Isn't it just sweet when a little one puts on someone else's shoes and walks around?  Today Anna was wearing Lia's shoes and doing quite well walking around in them.  I was thinking about that old saying that you can't judge someone else unless you have walked in their shoes.  

Today is 9/11....... a day that most of us (over the age of 20 or so) will never forget.  One of those moments in time that each person knows exactly where they were and what they were doing when they first heard and/or saw those images that are forever in our minds..... a plane into a building...another plane into another building..... seeing them fall....a plane into another building....a plane into a field........ and then the aftermath of all of that.  The silent sky.  The TERROR.  

And then the years pass.  Life goes on.... but that event of 9/11 was somehow never far away.  This summer we visited New York and I blogged about the 9/11 memorials and museum.  
Here's another picture of the memorial.  Standing right over some of those names.  Those names.  This summer, as I looked at those names, all I could think about were the families of these people.  Those mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, sons, daughters, friends, grandparents, aunts, uncles... you know... the "loved ones" of all of the victims.  I remember in the days after 9/11, thinking about the families effected by this tragedy.  But I didn't really understand because I had "not walked in their shoes".

Isn't that true of so many different things?  People with cancer..... I can't really understand...I've never walked in their shoes.  You get the idea.  These are the groups that you don't ever want to be a part of. My family joined one of those groups last November, with the death of Lucas.  When I was standing there, looking at those names, it was just so real to me.  And I know it was because unfortunately, I had walked in those shoes of loss of a loved one.  An unexpected loss.  In 2015 I understood more..differently... than I did in 2001.

Yes, I think it is good to practice a pause.  What I am talking about is taking time to pause and consider.  Think about the situation, the person, the THING...whatever it is.... walk in their shoes.  Sometimes those shoes may seem small or maybe even really big.  Sometimes they just don't fit at all and you have to just very carefully try to hold your balance.   I didn't really do that on 9/11.  I remember just feeling a sense of relief that no one in my immediate circle was effected directly by this event.   But this summer, standing there, in that exact spot, the shoe fit.

Here is the thing about that pause I was talking about.  If during that pause we would just ask the Holy Spirit to show us exactly what that "shoe" is, you know, the one we should be walking in, we would do a better job at relating much more quickly.  I know that I forget so often, to even pause.  And then when I do, I don't ask for insight nearly enough.  I think this applies even on social media.  Facebook can be brutal with "instant" responses.  Let's all stop...pause...and let the Holy Spirit speak to us right now about 9/11.  I can say, for sure, this will not end in terror.  Peace, love, hope, faith, and even trust will be the result!

Jesus, thank you for reminding me that your love and care for us covers over anything!  Even 9/11!  What a comfort it is to know that you are as close as a pause.  Holy Spirit, help us to use this pause every day in all situations.  Be with all of those who lost loved ones in 9/11.  Fill us all with your peace and renewed hope in the assurance that Jesus reigns!  Amen

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