Sunday, September 13, 2015

Quality Time is really the best present!

Yesterday was a continuation of the celebration of my birthday!  Gwen and I took Lia and Ellie for a "girls day" that included a pedicure (Ellie's first) and then a painting party!
Everyone was so relaxed and happy after the "spa treatment" we got at the nail salon!  Lia picked out a purple polish and Ellie got pink sparkles (of course)!  Gwen and I went with a bit more subdued colors (Ellie had picked out a bright red for me, but I went with a more neutral shade!)  The painting party was run by the same company (Art Raves) that Gwen and I painted with previously.  They do this family paint at an ice cream shop on Saturday afternoons.  Really a neat activity. The good news is that each persons painting are just an "interpretation" of the sample painting, so each expresses the individuals personality. What could be a bit stressful (for all of us "non artists") becomes a relaxing and fun activity.   I just loved spending time with my girls!   It really is the best present ever!

I don't know why it is so hard for us to understand that one of the best things we can offer to Jesus is our time and attention.  Most of us know and appreciate that time with our loved ones is just wonderful.  I remember when I first learned about "quiet time" that it seemed like an impossible chore to set aside 30 minutes a day to read the Bible and pray.  I really couldn't imagine finding that time in my really busy schedule.  A wise older person suggested that I start with just 5 minutes a day and add an extra minute when I felt that I needed to.  And then I found that it helped me focus to have music playing.  And then I started adding special songs to the time.  And I got a couple of devotional books to use.  My time kind of bled over in to my commute time and that became my worship time.  The Holy Spirit is amazing in making any time we devote to Jesus so good that we just want to spend more and more time with Him!  It is a wonderful truth of the Christian life.  As I said above, I don't know why this is surprising when spending time together with people we love makes us hungry for more time with them!  

Yes, spending this special time with Lia and Ellie and Gwen did remind me of how important it is to set aside this quality time.  That realization reminded me that Jesus desires those special times with us.  Isn't it wonderful how the Holy Spirit can issue a "wake up" call through our lives?  I am going to be more aware of the time I set aside to be with Jesus during the coming weeks.  It might be time to add a minute or two to my schedule!  How about you?

Jesus, thank you for Lia and Ellie and Gwen.  What a wonderful treat it was to spend this special time with them.  Thank you for the reminder that you desire time with us!  Holy Spirit help us all to set aside this special time to be with Jesus.  Help us all to care for all of our relationships through sharing quality time with those we love.   Amen

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