Thursday, September 3, 2015

When a billboard almost makes you stop in your tracks.........

I really needed to read and re-read this post above from the Passion Translation after seeing a large billboard while I was running some errands the other day.  I actually took a picture of the billboard so that I could share it on this blog.  But I really didn't want that sign to be the "advertisement" for my blog post.  So in contemplating what message needed to cover over the entire post about the sign, I decided that this message from John 1:1 was just perfect.   Here is the billboard I saw....
I could not believe the message of this sign.  This is not MY God!  Yes, I worship the God of Abraham, Moses and Jesus.....but it ends there!  My God - Yahweh- is not the god of Muhammad.  And the idea that there will be any way to "gain peace" when you acknowledge this LIE that the god of Islam is Yahweh, is just crazy.   I was most offended by the placement of the name JESUS on this billboard.  I know that this is just an attempt to confuse and blind the eyes of people who don't understand how false this is.  It is just using Jesus to gain acceptance.  And it is so wrong.  I was reminded of this while I was "ranting" about the billboard.......
And when you KNOW Jesus, you don't add anything to that.  There is no "newer revelation" - no Muhammad, no Buddha, no special angel, no other thing.  Jesus is ALL that we need.  Not only for peace but for hope and joy and love and life.  Yes, I made the right decision in choosing the quote that began this blog.  Jesus - the Living Expression - was with God!  

Okay,  I believe that I am through with my rant for the day.  Please join me in praying that the Holy Spirit will speak TRUTH into everyone who sees and considers that billboard.  Pray for all those who follow Mohammad to have an encounter with Jesus that changes their life.  And if you are reading this blog, and you don't know the truth about Jesus, I encourage you to ask Jesus to show you who he is.  Your life will never be the same and I can guarantee that you WILL know peace - the peace that passes all understanding!  

Jesus, thank you for reminding me that you reign over this world and that includes that billboard.  You are the way, the truth and the life and your truth will be revealed!  Thank you for peace, even during rants!  Amen

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  1. Thank you Lyn for sharing this MOST IMPORTANT TRUTH, Our reason for living, Our Purpose in Life- to live to give glory to Our God, the Only Savior, the Only way to Life Eternal in Heaven, Our Triune God- God the Father, Son, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. He ALONE is worthy of our love, affection and PRAISE!