Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Cultivating close relationships....

Here is another "nugget" from the HUB meeting on Friday night.  This is a season to cultivate close relationships.  This is the time to evaluate where you are really at with your relationships.   I've been thinking about this over the last couple of days.  I was very blessed on Friday night,  to be sitting next to a very close friend. That was a great comfort for me!   The speaker made the point that our relationships with people are a reflection of our relationship with Yahweh.   OUCH!   This is a hard message.   Are we deeply caring about others and expressing love and affection BECAUSE we are in that kind of a relationship with Yahweh????   Or do we have lots of superficial relationships - the kind of people who you talk with about the weather and nothing else?   Is this how your relationship with Yahweh seems?  Just a brief laundry list of cares and concerns? A distant sort of "drive through" relationship (you know what I mean - you speak into the box to someone you can't see - you MIGHT hear a short grainy message back IF you wait around long enough - you quickly pull forward and hope to receive a bag of whatever you have asked for).  I know this is not the relationship I want to have with Yahweh.  

So, I have been evaluating all of the relationships in my life.  And I want to have more deep, meaningful relationships with those around me.   I want to be able to really tell the truth and not worry about "what will they think?"    My daughter introduced me to another great blog called Momastery.   The author is a TRUTH TELLER.  And because of her blog, others see that they can be brave and tell the truth and develop those close relationships.  Her blog is wildly successful and has literally hundreds of thousands of readers.  People who are all looking for meaningful relationships.

I want to be a truth teller and a Yahweh seeker and a close friend that will be deeply caring about others. I want to have meaningful relationships.  I want to be expressing the love of Yahweh to those around me - his deep compassion and caring through my mouth and my hands.   So I will take the time to rest (see yesterday's post) and receive Yahweh's love so that I have HIS love and care to give out into my relationships.  This is not something that I can do on my own.  This is about taking the time to just receive a deeper relationship with Yahweh.

(you can read the Momastery blog at Momastery)

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