Saturday, June 22, 2013

Moving on.....

My daughter Gwen and her family are moving this weekend to a new home.  The process started for them in February and it is now the end of June.  Even though this is really quick (on the current real estate timeline), it has felt rather long and drawn out.   I have lived in the same house for over 35 years.   So I can't say that I am an expert on moving.   The most important part of this move has been the fact that God has been in it all.  At every turn, the process has been surrounded by prayer.  I am so thankful for all the friends who have prayed and just listened as this process has gone on.  And the blessing is, that although they are leaving a house that was well loved, they are moving into a wonderful much bigger home. 

Yesterday, Gwen shared something she discovered in her college days, that has stuck in my mind!  "Home is where ever your stuff is and your people are!"   Isn't that great????    It's about what is really important to you - your things and your family.   And when you come right down to it, even the things are not that important.  Its all about the people.  When Yahweh is leading you and directing you, things seem to fall into place.   I am so thankful that Gwen and Tim spent a lot of time letting Yahweh put things together for them.  And what a blessing it is that they spent some time today, as a family, praying in their new home.  A great way to move on.

Which brings me to another nugget from HUB!  Yahweh is in the business of restoring all things! That redemptive work of restoration comes with shaking and sometimes even "crisis" for us.BUT when Yahweh is in it, it will work for our good.   So that means that we will MOVE from CRISIS to PROCESS.  That process is the way that the Holy Spirit works in us.  Because of that working in our spirit, a SHIFT will happen inside of us.  That SHIFT will move us to BREAKTHROUGH!  

So.....  CRISIS moves us to PROCESS moves us to SHIFTING moves us to BREAKTHROUGH!

Yep!  I want to be moving on to breakthrough in my life!  Just understanding this business of restoration makes it so much easier when you are caught in the the crisis or process part of it.  We are moving on!   We will not be stuck in that crisis or even in the process!  There is an end in sight. Psalm 23:4  reminds us that even in the dark, scary times we are walking through the valley. We are not stuck there.  There is movement going on.

Thank you Yahweh for speaking to me through my children and grandchildren.  And thank you for reminding me that you are not done with me yet.  You are moving me onward  to those breakthroughs.  Hallelujah!

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