Saturday, June 15, 2013

More Banners!

Last night I attended a worship night sponsored by Chicago HUB Ministries.  In my experience, it is always worth it to press through and get to the HUB meetings.  You can be sure that you will be in an anointed place and hear from Yahweh.   Just before I left the house, I updated my blog.  So the Banner was flying over me as worship began.   Suddenly I saw a rainbow of banners over me and noticed right away that there was writing on each banner.  

The first was the gold banner!  It said.... WAIT  WEIGHT
Then I noticed the blue banner! It said..... RAINING  REIGN
Then the third was the red banner! It said.... PRESENT  PRESENCE
The fourth was the green banner!  It said ....... PIECE PEACE
And the white banner was also there! It said.......WHOLLY HOLY

*Isn't it neat the way that Yahweh uses the words of our English language to speak?

I heard Yahweh say.................

Wait for the weight of my glory to fall over you, on you and in you.  I will be raining down the power and anointing of my reign. Open your heart and receive the present of my presence. All that I am and all that is in me, is in you.  Bask in your piece of my peace.  For it is my glory, my power and anointing, and my peace that is the path to wholly holy
And all I could say was WOW!!!!!
The worship was so great.  The Word was just amazing.  There was even more revelation as the night went on.  It was a simply fantastic night.  Expect some future blog posts as I digest all the wonderful nuggets from last night. 
Thank you  Yahweh for speaking to me.  Thank you Nancy Mageira and Chicago HUB Ministries for all that you do to make these opportunities possible. 

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