Saturday, June 29, 2013

What an awesome Creator God!

 I am always so in awe of the Creator when I spend time in creation.  Yesterday and today were no exceptions.  WOW!  I love being at the beach!  Yesterday's sunset across the Gulf of Mexico was just breathtaking.  The clouds, the waves, the birds...... everything.  Simply amazing.  As I sat there and watched the waves, the pelicans and other wading birds, and the clouds and the sun, I was hearing in my head...."In the beginning...... "  I am so thankful that Yahweh has revealed parts of himself in all of creation around us.  I think of the power and movement of the water.  What a picture of His power.  Each of these birds has been created exactly for their enviornments.  The pelicans that can scoop their food out of the waves.  The wading birds that pluck the sand fleas with their long, scooped beaks.  Then the sun.  The heat and light and the reminder of the SON who brings us into the LIGHT. 

Last night I was thinking about how I might reflect the Creator.   Yahweh, I am thankful that you have given me the ability to hear your voice and speak your words.   Thank you that I can affect my enviornment, just by Your presence within me.  How powerful is that?  To be able to bring a measure of peace to places of stress.  To be able to speak truth into places of doubt or discouragement.  To bring love and kindness when others bring hate and grief.  To receive everything that Yahweh is and has and then to just reflect those gifts. 

Yep, I am grateful to be a reflection of the Creator.  He is awesome and I don't have to do anything myself.  That is a wonderful blessing.   I can relax and just soak up the Creator.  He has such a wonderful plan.  All we have to do is just receive it.  I am going to just keep on receiving all that I can.   And then I plan on letting all of that awesome stuff, just be reflected out.   What a great way to spend a vacation.


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