Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Endurance to rest

Over the last couple of days I have had more time than usual to think about and digest the
amazing words I heard on Friday.  And I am beginning to understand more about one of these words - Endurance to Rest!   Every time I go to a HUB meeting the verse "Be still and know that I am God" seems to come up.  Friday night, again - here was the the same message.   And the deeper message of having endurance to be still and rest and hear Yahweh. 

Guess what????  It is VERY HARD to be patient and have endurance to be still and rest.   When there are hours stretching out ahead of you, with no place to go and nothing pressing you need to do, you begin to grasp the meaning of endurance. 

Here is the Webster definition of endurance.......
  • ability to bear prolonged hardship: the ability or power to bear prolonged exertion, pain, or hardship
  • toleration of hardship: toleration of prolonged suffering or hardship
  • persistence over time: the survival or persistence of something despite the ravages of time

  • I love the idea of "ravages of time".   I realized that my "normal" is so busy, when I actually have a couple of free days, it feels like the ravages of time to me!  Isn't that sad?  And I know that I am not alone in this.   I am sure that if you asked 10 people in your life about being still for a couple of days, they would most likely discover the same thing.   It is difficult to simply be still.  

    I want to take this one step further.  I don't want to just rest for the sake of resting.  I want to have the endurance to rest SO THAT I can receive all that Yahweh has for me.   That is where the endurance comes in.   It is the knowing that while resting, you need to have your hands, your heart and your spirit stretched out, to take in from Yahweh. 

    Yahweh, help me to really rest, even despite the ravages of time.  I want to be a good receiver.  I am determined to be still, to rest and then to receive all that you have for me.  Thank you for this time out of my normal routine that you have provided for me.     Amen.

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