Saturday, June 8, 2013

Thank heavens for Grandchildren

So my work ended and then I got to spend a wonderful day with my grandkids.  Oh my, how I love those kids!  Seriously, there is nothing better than being a grandparent.  Although we just spent the day "doing nothing", it was so enjoyable.  

Over the last 7 years I have collected some insightful and heartwarming thoughts that I call "Lia-isms" or "Ellie-isms".(Quotes from Lia - now age 7 and Ellie, now age 4)  These choice nuggets represent some of the best application of Biblical ideas and prophetic truths. 

Here is this weeks "Ellie-ism".   Ellie asked me to have a "sleep-over" at her house. She is very anxious to have a real sleepover. Lia (the older sister) has already experienced this and Ellie can't wait.  Ellie told me that there was  plenty of room in her "other bed" for both Jesus and me!   If you ask Ellie, she will tell you in great detail about Jesus being in her room with her at night.  (He sleeps in her other bed.)   Now some might say that she just has a good imagination, but this is much more than that.  These nighttime visits started when Ellie was between 2 and 3 years old.  She can tell you exactly what Jesus looks like - He has a "mush-tache"! Which for Ellie, means a beard.  And he has "all the colors" around him and also "has a fire".  I asked Ellie if Jesus talked to her.  She told me that he called her "Ellie".  And held her hand.

Wow!   She certainly hasn't heard passages from Revelation, but there is a rainbow of colors surrounding Jesus and fire!  And she also wouldn't know that Yahweh knows every one's name.   Jesus called Ellie by name.

Several years ago I wrote a small booklet called "Gods Plan and Purpose for Children". 
That booklet was born out of the idea that adults needed to have a better understanding of the destiny that Yahweh has for us that begins before we are born.  Yahweh intends to use children when they are children - not just after they have grown up.While there are many good concepts in that booklet, I had really only scratched the surface.  Now, thanks to Lia and Ellie, I am seeing first hand how much more is available through our kids.  Ellie and Lia know Jesus.  They don't just know stories about Jesus, they have encountered him, talked with him and even held his hand.

I love how much I am learning from these little ones.  

Here is the address to read my booklet -  God's Plan and Purpose for Children


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