Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Being in the world.....

This is the view from our window, at night, just as the Falls Illumination started.  It was amazing.  Unfortunately, since it is not "summer" here yet, the fireworks are only on Friday and Sunday.  So we missed them.  It was still really great to see this.  As I said yesterday, this room is so worth it!
Today we did the "Behind the Falls" walk.  You are so close to the falls, it takes your breath away.  And you are in a constant shower of water.  And the noise is really something.  The cool thing about this walk is that you can stay as long as you like.  There is not a tour.  You can't believe how big the falls are until you are under them.  When you walk in the tunnel to the two viewing areas you are about 1/3 of the way around the falls, looking out.  All you see is white water cascading down.  And you can feel the movement of the water thundering over you.  This was the best thing we did.  While Ken was taking more photos, I had a friend that came right up to me.
 This picture is a little deceiving since you might think it was just a bird on some grass.  In reality it was much different than that! Here is a different shot of the same bird!
After he came right up to me and looked at me, he just turned and walked away.  What an environment for this bird!  He was walking right under the falls.  Just like that.  Isn't it amazing who Jesus planned exactly the right birds to live in this place?  Okay, he might seem like just a seagull, but still, really interesting.  I couldn't believe that he came up to me so close.  I love interacting with birds - especially at the beach.  So, I didn't miss the fact that Jesus sent me a little seagull, strolling along in front of me, here at Niagara Falls.  I love how Jesus knows our hearts and provides exactly what we need.  I didn't know that I needed this visit from the bird, but afterwards, I realized just how neat it was to have this encounter, under the falls. 

Tomorrow we head back to the US and leave Canada behind.  I have missed a couple of things.  I miss decent TV channels!  You can't find a thing to watch except news, news and more news.  Even the shows that I normally watch at home that are CANADIAN shows, are not on here!  What gives?? 
I miss fast food at every turn.  You name it, you can have it.  Not so much here.  AND I miss my phone!  It's not only being able to call and talk.  It's missing Instagram and missing text messages and missing having instant internet connection.  And it's missing taking pictures on my phone to upload immediately!  And the biggest thing.....no lie...... TELLING WHAT TIME IT IS!  I haven't worn a watch in years! Our plans in the US for the rest of the trip have been derailed by the weather, but we are hoping things turn around.  We are skipping the east coast and going to Ohio where the weather does not include 80% chance of rain and flooding.  Thankfully the weather has been great so far on this trip.  We could use a couple more days of sunshine and warmth!  Thanks for your prayers!

Today the Holy Spirit reminded me that sometimes you are in a place where the world comes to you, rather than you going to the world.  I mentioned yesterday just how many different languages I heard.  Today I was noticing the people because of their clothes.  Really interesting.  We had French people on the bus with us (from France, not Quebec), there are Asian people everywhere. In fact there is one whole floor of them in our Hotel.  And most don't speak much English!  At lunch today we sat across from two couples from Germany.  There was a man from Israel that I spoke to in the elevator.  And today we saw a Native American guy in full dress, singing and playing a drum.  Yesterday there was a group of Eskimos by us (and boy was their language unusual).  Yes, being in a place like this does remind you that we are citizens of the WORLD and thanks to air travel, the world comes to us.  It is good to get outside of our small view of the world and remember that there is much more out there.  Even when it means leaving behind some things that you like!

Jesus, today I was stuck by the diversity of the people.  We were all drawn here to see this amazing natural wonder, that you created.  Thank you for your love and care for ALL people.  Father I pray that each one walking here, that does not know you, would encounter you in your creation or through your people.  Thank you for your power that draws all people to Jesus.  Holy Spirit, give us all boldness and courage to be open to people who are not like us, whether we are traveling or in our own backyards.  Give us words and actions that would bring glory to you and your name. Jesus, thank you for knowing exactly what we need, even when we don't know it!  Thank you for a visit from a seagull.   Amen

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