Friday, June 20, 2014

The Hand of God

Today I was thinking about this photo I took in April of 2008 while on vacation in Florida.  I often got up well before sunrise and sat and look out at the ocean.  On this particular day, I was reading about the hand of God, and then snapped this picture as the sun began to rise.  Yes, I felt that it was really a gift from Jesus. 

I guess whenever I am in an uncomfortable situation, a time of some uncertainty, a time of shifting, I realize more clearly, my need to remember that hand of God.  On that morning, when I snapped this picture, I was flooded with peace and calm.  There was the storm happening in those clouds.  But over it all, was that hand, shining with light, rising up from the storm.  Yes, I needed this today.

I had moments today of utter calm and then suddenly I would be flooded with anxiety and even some fear.  But thankfully, I was able to take a deep breath, remember WHO is really in charge of my life, and then the calm and peace would return.  I am so blessed to know that Jesus is available to me, with just a simple word, Jesus, I am flooded with his presence and peace.  Amazing. 

I saw a sign on a church today that said "Do you have the only GPS that matters? GODS PROTECTION SERVICE"  I laughed and thought, "Yes, I'm covered!"   I think it was around that time that I remembered this picture. 

Yes, sometimes life throws us a curve ball.  Sometimes it seems like we are getting pelted with those crazy balls.  But in it all, we can live in peace and calm when we know who is guiding and directing us.  I was thinking today that I am just in a "repositioning time".  Jesus is just moving me into exactly the right place for this time.  I just need to rest and seek the guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit.

Father, you are Holy and mighty.  Jesus, thank you so much for the reminder of this amazing picture.  Holy Spirit, thank you for bringing me peace and rest when anxiety and fear threatened to overtake me.  Help all of us who are in unsettled situations, times of change and unrest to remember that it is your hand that guides us and protects us and holds us firmly.   Thank you for my friends and family for their support and love during this time.   Amen

UPDATE:  Just after I posted this blog, the following appeared in my email....
Today, Lyn, we believe God wants you to know that ...

you can find meaning in the storm.

At times everyone goes through trials and tribulations. Seek out someone else in a similar situation and give them an encouragement or just a hug. Find meaning in the midst of your struggles by helping another in similar straits.

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