Saturday, June 14, 2014

Doing what needs to be done...

So our day began with an email from Ken's sister telling us that his dad is not doing so well.  Being that he is going to be 94 this is not a big surprise.  However it is never easy to hear that your parent is failing.  I think it was especially hard because of Father's Day.  One of the things that Ken's sister told us was that dad has been asking for some of his old photo albums.  Ken and I have been storing one tub of things since dad moved to Florida in 2009.  One of the things in that storage tub, are the photo albums that dad so wants to hold and look at.  So today I sat and looked through the entire tub and made a list of everything that we had.  Wow, what a job.  And then between Sue and Ken and I a decision was made of exactly what we would ship to Florida.  Given that these two stacks weigh around 30 pounds, it will be quite a box!  Both Ken and I are happy to do this so that dad can have these precious photos to look at and remember.  The scrapbooker in me really appreciates this desire to hold on to these memories. 

And in honor of Father's Day, I just needed to include this picture of my Dad.  I recently came across this photo and it just made me stop in my tracks.  You might wonder why I chose this picture since it is not the most flattering shot.  But, to me, THIS IS MY DAD!  First of all it is at "the lake".  This was my dad exactly as he looked almost every day that we spent at the lake.  He even has the almost ever-present  beer in his hand.  He just loved this cabin that he had built.  Every board, every nail was done to his plan.  I loved this yellow color.  You could see the cabin from the road.  It was so sunny and cheerful.  So, even though this might not be a professional picture of my dad, it is my favorite.  And this how I most remember my dad.  In his work clothes, puttering around, at his own piece of heaven on earth - Lake Maud.  Even though he has been gone for 29 years, I still miss him. There are times when I am with Doug that I will get a flash of my dad.  I think Doug looks more like my dad than either of my brothers! I love that, thanks to genetics, we can continue to see our parents in our children! 

Ken is still not feeling well, so it is a really good thing that we are home.  And it is good that we were at home to take care of the photos for Ken's dad.  Yes, I spent the day doing what needed to be done.  Sorting through old papers, and taking care of Ken (as much he would allow me to do this!).  Not exactly how I expected our vacation to end, but tonight, I am sure that it is exactly how it needed to end! 

Jesus, thank you for our dads and all that they did to provide for us.  Thank you for photos and the memories that are attached to them.  Holy Spirit, bring comfort and peace to Ken's dad as he is in the final time of his earthly life. Jesus, thank you for the love and care that you are providing through Ken's sister and her husband.   Jesus, you are the healer. Pour out your healing power on Ken.  Bless all those who are celebrating their fathers this weekend.  Amen

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